Sunday, May 20, 2012

RIP Part 2

" Onika" , he spoke her name softly. 

She stayed quiet and fiddle with her fingers. He brushed his hands across her cheek making her flinch. 
He frowned , " Nic you have to tell me what happened last night". 

She opened her mouth only to close it. She wasn't ready to tell shoot she hasn't even told Safaree yet. " Drake", her voiced squeaked. He tilted her chin so should would be looking directly at him. "I-III uh got-", she could fill the tears leaving hot streams down her face. He wiped her tears away from off her cheeks.

 Her words came out shaky " When I left  your party last night I was.....Kidnapped", her voice cracked.

Drake stared back at her eyes with a harden expression. 

" I was thrown into a truck blinded folded so I don't where they took me. I just know that some one woman took me to abandoned building and put me into a room", her voice was spilling with emotions.

" I sat there and waited at gunpoint until she finally left , but then he came in and he-", her words faded at the last word she spoke. 

" Nic please you have to tell me the rest", he spoke through clench teeth.

" He raped me Aubrey", her tears came down like a pouring rain.

Drake blood began to boil. He kept un-clenching and clenching his fist . 

" Who. Did. It . Onika?" , his voice had no emotion it was cold which made Nic shiver.

" Aubrey...please-".

" Onika tell me right fucking now ! ", he spat.

She jumped out of clutches and head for stairs but no before Drake took a hold of her arms swing back in his chest. He kept a strong hold on her. He led her to the living to the couch. He sat her atop of his lap. 

She tried to wiggle her way out of his clutches. But he had a iron grip. 

"Your not going anywhere until you tell me who the fuck did this to you".

" Aubrey please.... I don't wan-".

" Onika", he spun her around so now she straddled him.

" Omarion okay it was him happy now!", she screamed.

She hopped out of his grip and ran to her room.

Drake sat there in awe . He mind was racing and he was ready to kill him with no remorse. But he knew that  option was out of the plan. He cooled himself and began to approach Nic's room.

He could hear her shuffling through things. He cracked the door open to see Nic  tossing and turning in her bed. He stood in the door. Her eyes pounced on him. They became slit. She really wasn't in the mood to talk anymore. 

" Nic-".

" Aubrey just leave okay you've done enough", her words cut him deep.

" No." , he spoke calmly.

" Aubrey don't you see I don't want you fucking here just leave go back to that evil ass girl you call a fucking girlfriend that you left me ". she spat her words like venom.

" Let's get thing straight first I wasn't the one who walked out on us did", he spoke in a hurt tone.

" Bullshit Drake you made it easy for me to leave. You broke my heart to many times Aubrey and you promised you won't", her voice squeaked out.

" Right Nic I'm the bad guy like always right. Like I didn't want to work on our relationship but no no no you just had to have it your way like always pretending LIKE WE FUCKING NEVER HAD ANYTHING BETWEEN US", his voice bounced off the walls and down the halls. 

She sat there quiet as a mouse. His words felt like a slap in the face. 

" Am I really that horrible Aubrey did I really cause you this much pain".

He let out a heavy sigh and went to sit next to her on her bed.

" No Nic your not horrible I think that your so blinded by your needs you fails to acknowledge anybody else".

" Drake if I hurt you I'm so sorry I never meant hurt you I just was-".

" You where scared I know".

" But Nic you knew I was never going to hurt you I promised you that I stay true to my promises", he caressed her cheek.

" Drake I don't wanna be apart anymore", she spoke her words softly.

" I don't either".


Sorry for this short chapter I'm really in a funk -____- But yeah I'll post as soon as I can. Need I mind I will be traveling this summer so I might now update all the time but don't worry I will just not as soon - Jamiela