Monday, April 30, 2012

R.I.P Part 1

Nicki woke up feeling alot of pressure taken off her body and mind. That heart to heart with Drake really did something for her. She turned over to the left side of her bed expecting to see his sleeping body lying next her’s but it wasn’t. She hated when he had to leave. It felt like he always took apart of her with him.

She sighed and got up and went into the bathroom. She did her morning rituals. As she was brushing her hair. She decided it needed a good washing. She grabbed a pink tank top, polka dotted shorts, and boyshorts with the matching bra back into the bathroom. She turned on the water and waited until it heated up. She stripped down to birthday suit and climbed into the steaming water.

Her thoughts where everywhere. She sighed and dipped her head into the soothing warm water. She flipped it back it and hit her back. She scrubbed her body stills seeing the scars that stained her skin still. they have become purple. She scrubbed until her skin looked like it was blushing.  

She turned off the water and stepped out the tub. Wrapping her self in her plush pink robe. She de-robed her self lotioned up and put on her clothes. Something caught her ear. A faint noise was coming from downstairs. Her whole body began to tense up. 

Who the fuck is my house?!? Wtf if their back to get me ?!?! Oh my god am I going to die in my own home this time???? 

She grabbed her phone and blunt object and crept down her stairs. 
When she hit her last step she scanned her living room and kitchen which had a man standing in it. 

He had on a black hoodie so she couldn't really see his face. He was over 6ft. The whole moment seemed weird cause ole' boy was making a huge breakfast for what look like two. Nicki just sat that watching the man dig in her shelves and fridge pulling out utensils and ingredients. 
The man could feel somebody watching. So he looked up to see his sleeping beauty  awake and sitting on the stairs. 

" Good morning Beautiful", he smiled.

Nicki's lips bent into a huge smile. 

" I thought you left", she said.

" I would never leave you alone in this big ole' house", he said.

"Mmmmm right you say that now but I bet yo ass gonna disappear in a few any ways."

He face turned into a frown, " Come on Nic don't be like that".

" What Aubrey you know you are anyways once she calls yo ass is going to be over there!"

 " Aye calm down what the attitude. This shit wouldn't have to be like this if you wasn't so guarded and defensive".

Nicki mouth hung it anger.

 " Ohh really Drake that's how you feel. That's some bullshit and you know it".

" Forreal Nic you know its not so stop trying to fucking cover it up. You believe everything but the person that's trying to tell you the truth".

" How was I suppose to believe when there are pictures Drake and her damn people even said!!" Nicki body was fuming now.

" But did I say it Nic did I say I was fucking going with her."

Nicki sat in silence she actually never really thought of that.

" No... but."

" But wait Nic what more did I have to do to make you believe me. Cause if I'm not mistaken you didn't even want people to know about us let alone people thinking where more than just friends."

Nicki could feel the truth of his words sinking in. 

Was she really afraid to be with him? Was her career that important that it wouldn't let her love anybody? 

Hot tears began to stream down her cheeks. Drake sighed and walked over to her and grabbed her into a embrace. She flinched from the pain of her bruises and sores. Drake soon caught on to this. 

" Nicki is okay.", he scanned her face to read her emotions.

" Yeah why would you ask that?", she really didn't feel like explaining what happened to her last night.

" Well besides the crying you flinched when I hugged you did you pull a muscle or something??"

" Yeah.. When I was uh moving my stuff out."

Drake could tell she was lying she always did this thing with her voice that brought it out.

" Don't lie to me Nic what happen??? Did something happen to you last night".

Nicki feel weak into his arms. He rubbed her back but she winced at the pain. He began to lift up her shirt and saw the welts and bruises that cascaded down her spin.

" Onika what happen to you last night." 


So for the cliffys but my mind is gone. School is finally ending so that means my mind process will get slower LOL. Tbh this is not my best work but bare will me. I promise to post as soon as I can. Oh making this a two parter  - Follow me on twitter for updates and sneak peeks - @ItsJamielaHOE

Saturday, April 14, 2012


Nicki woke up feeling alot of pressure taken off her body and mind. That heart to heart with Drake really did something for her. She turned over to the left side of her bed expecting to see his sleeping body lying next her’s but it wasn’t. She hated when he had to leave. It felt like he always took apart of her with him.
Don’t worry love bugs I’ll post full thing monday or sunday kay :D -@ItsJamielaHOE

Saturday, April 7, 2012

One Shot : You Make Me Sick

I was inspired by Pink’s song You make me sick and Many of Drake’s songs ^__^

   I hate when stares at me. He knows I hate it too. He irritates the shits out of me and he knows it . Every since the day I bumped into him and his siddity girlfriend Krya shit it my life has being going side ways. This muddafucka really asking for it today !

” Why the fuck are you staring at me “, she said aloud.

This made him chuckle. He loved it when he irked her nervous. It brought joy to him. ” I don’t know what the fuck you talking about Nic”, he smirked. ” You need to get some help and stop being so paranoid “, he barked at her.
She flipped him the bird and resumed doing her math assignment Mrs.Ryan gave them to do.  She still felt his eyes burrowing into her back. She kept her head forward and prayed for the bell to ring for her next class. Time dragged on before the bell. Once it finally did Nic zoomed out of her sit and hit fifty to her next class.
She hated being pestered Drake and his boys. She came to her destination and walked into her classroom. She laid her head on her desk and waited for class to start. She felt the room full so she brought her head up and pulled out her supplies for her Physics class. She hated being at this new school. She missed her friends back in New York. These Canadians irked her nervous especially Drake. Every since she stepped  on foot in Bodwell High School things have been so stressful. She’s happy that her mom got a better job and she’s away from her abusive father but still out of places Canada.
Nic was knocked out of thoughts when she felt a tap on her shoulder. It was her New friend Lauren. She seemed to be the only cool person there and other friend Safaree who likes to be called SB. 
” Are you ready to go to lunch girl?”, she asked.
Nic didn’t notice that time flew that fast she nodded and followed behind Lauren. Soon the trio hit the lunch seen and sat at there usual spot close to exit. Nic was zoning in and out on Lauren and Sb conversation. She couldn’t help but watch Drake’s every move. She hated that he walked around this school like he was the King or something. This always angered her about him not mentioning the fact that him had spread a vicious depicting her as being loose because she shot down his offer to be his girlfriend.
She hated him with passion. And that was an understatement she loathed him. She was made fun and still is. She could still hear those whispers and funny looks everybody gave her. Plus his dog looking bitch didn’t make anything easier for her either. She always seemed to put her down when she got the chance. 
Thank god this was her senior year or she really would’ve been depressed. Once again Nic’s thoughts where disturbed by a nudge. She looked up to see Lauren and SB Nearing the exit guess lunch was over. She looked down at her untouched plate. She sighed and caught up with.
He watched her as she exited the cafeteria area.  
 I wonder if she knows how beautiful she looks today?
He sighed. He hated hiding is feelings for her. He hated himself for torching her like this. But in this high school what can you do but join the wave. He got up and threw his tray and headed to his next class which he was happy to attend ….she was in that class. 
     Nicki loathed her next class He was in it. She hated that she had to feel like this. To be in so much fear from one boy and girl. She sat way back in the class knowing that he always sat in front odd for a jock to be honest. He wasn’t like the rest of them he had great grades and he was president of the Debate team and Class president.
He walked into class looking for his normal seating but saw her back there. He smiled devilishly at. She groaned and ducked her head behind her English note book. She smelt his cologne filling her surrounds. He sat right on the side of her. She peeked over notebook to take a glance at him. His hazel locked on to her. They held their eyes together. She could feel his eyes invade her personal thoughts. She broke the connection and payed attention at the task at hand homework.
25 minutes into class and Drake couldn’t keep his eyes off her. Every move she made caught his attention. Like they way her dimples appeared when she smiled when she got a question. Or how the sun caught her almond colored eyes. 
Nicki felt so violated. He eyes always seem to invade her personal space. She turned to him and gave him a dirty which just brought a smirk on his. She pulled in a angry sigh and tried to focus on her work. As she was doing her work her loose locks kept getting in the of writing duties. 
  Drake took notice and without precaution slipped her black locks behind her ear. Nic’s eyes grew wide. Her mouth was half opened. It wasn’t the fact that he touched her but the feeling of his skin sent a sensation through her body. She closed her mouth and just glared at him for awhile. The final bell rung and he got up began to leave. She nearly lost him in the crowd and but caught up to him. 
She just sat at his locker staring at him.
” What?”, he questioned
” Don’t what me you know what the fuck I’m taking about Drake what was that back there”, she said through clenched teeth. 
He just shrugged his shoulders and smiled. He closed his locker and began to walk away but Nic grabbed a hold of his letter man jacket. Making him yield his walking and bumping back into her. Her face hit his hard chest. She pulled her face from out his chest and looked up to Drake. She never notice it before his skinned glowed and his sorta sparkled when they hit the right lightening. 
And they way he looked his lips. She hadn’t noticed but everyone was staring now. She broke away from Drake’s tight grasp. She straightened her attire. She gave him a cold look.
” Look Drake I don’t know what kind of game your playing but it’s not fucking so stop it now”, she scolded him.
He just smirked which she hated. ” I don’t what your talking Onika”, put a emphases on her name. This shocked her no one knew her real name not even her new friends.
” How the hell do you no that Drake”.
” It’s very easy to look into student files when your class president”, he smiled that shit eating grin.
” Onika don’t be ashamed I think its beautiful”, he stated 
She didn’t know if he was being sincere or an ass whole. She just held tongue.
” What are thinking Nic”, he asked.
The hallways where now empty and the kids where now exiting to the student parking lot.
” Why are you doing this to me Drake”, she said words full of tears.
He never saw her look so vulnerable. He tipped her chin making her look straight into his eyes.
” I really don’t why Nic. This thing that I started between us I don’t why I did it but I just went along with it because it just felt natural”, he said honestly.
She snatched her face from his hand. She back away from him. ” Don’t ever touch me okay just leave me alone okay”, she demanded.
She turned around and walked fast to the exiting door. Leaving unspoken words and questioning feelings there.