Monday, April 30, 2012

R.I.P Part 1

Nicki woke up feeling alot of pressure taken off her body and mind. That heart to heart with Drake really did something for her. She turned over to the left side of her bed expecting to see his sleeping body lying next her’s but it wasn’t. She hated when he had to leave. It felt like he always took apart of her with him.

She sighed and got up and went into the bathroom. She did her morning rituals. As she was brushing her hair. She decided it needed a good washing. She grabbed a pink tank top, polka dotted shorts, and boyshorts with the matching bra back into the bathroom. She turned on the water and waited until it heated up. She stripped down to birthday suit and climbed into the steaming water.

Her thoughts where everywhere. She sighed and dipped her head into the soothing warm water. She flipped it back it and hit her back. She scrubbed her body stills seeing the scars that stained her skin still. they have become purple. She scrubbed until her skin looked like it was blushing.  

She turned off the water and stepped out the tub. Wrapping her self in her plush pink robe. She de-robed her self lotioned up and put on her clothes. Something caught her ear. A faint noise was coming from downstairs. Her whole body began to tense up. 

Who the fuck is my house?!? Wtf if their back to get me ?!?! Oh my god am I going to die in my own home this time???? 

She grabbed her phone and blunt object and crept down her stairs. 
When she hit her last step she scanned her living room and kitchen which had a man standing in it. 

He had on a black hoodie so she couldn't really see his face. He was over 6ft. The whole moment seemed weird cause ole' boy was making a huge breakfast for what look like two. Nicki just sat that watching the man dig in her shelves and fridge pulling out utensils and ingredients. 
The man could feel somebody watching. So he looked up to see his sleeping beauty  awake and sitting on the stairs. 

" Good morning Beautiful", he smiled.

Nicki's lips bent into a huge smile. 

" I thought you left", she said.

" I would never leave you alone in this big ole' house", he said.

"Mmmmm right you say that now but I bet yo ass gonna disappear in a few any ways."

He face turned into a frown, " Come on Nic don't be like that".

" What Aubrey you know you are anyways once she calls yo ass is going to be over there!"

 " Aye calm down what the attitude. This shit wouldn't have to be like this if you wasn't so guarded and defensive".

Nicki mouth hung it anger.

 " Ohh really Drake that's how you feel. That's some bullshit and you know it".

" Forreal Nic you know its not so stop trying to fucking cover it up. You believe everything but the person that's trying to tell you the truth".

" How was I suppose to believe when there are pictures Drake and her damn people even said!!" Nicki body was fuming now.

" But did I say it Nic did I say I was fucking going with her."

Nicki sat in silence she actually never really thought of that.

" No... but."

" But wait Nic what more did I have to do to make you believe me. Cause if I'm not mistaken you didn't even want people to know about us let alone people thinking where more than just friends."

Nicki could feel the truth of his words sinking in. 

Was she really afraid to be with him? Was her career that important that it wouldn't let her love anybody? 

Hot tears began to stream down her cheeks. Drake sighed and walked over to her and grabbed her into a embrace. She flinched from the pain of her bruises and sores. Drake soon caught on to this. 

" Nicki is okay.", he scanned her face to read her emotions.

" Yeah why would you ask that?", she really didn't feel like explaining what happened to her last night.

" Well besides the crying you flinched when I hugged you did you pull a muscle or something??"

" Yeah.. When I was uh moving my stuff out."

Drake could tell she was lying she always did this thing with her voice that brought it out.

" Don't lie to me Nic what happen??? Did something happen to you last night".

Nicki feel weak into his arms. He rubbed her back but she winced at the pain. He began to lift up her shirt and saw the welts and bruises that cascaded down her spin.

" Onika what happen to you last night." 


So for the cliffys but my mind is gone. School is finally ending so that means my mind process will get slower LOL. Tbh this is not my best work but bare will me. I promise to post as soon as I can. Oh making this a two parter  - Follow me on twitter for updates and sneak peeks - @ItsJamielaHOE


  1. Yooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!! She better tell him the TRUTH! I'm not here for all these cliffys,lol Great job ~Jessie_Barbie

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