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Young Love : A Dricki Affair

Chapter 3 : Y U MAD?

Back in the booth *
 I wonder what that was all about Nicki thought to herself. She felt her phone vibrate, it was a  text from Omarion :
O-baby - hey baby you left without saying good-bye :/.
 Damn I forgot his ass was even home. She texted back :
Nicki - Sorry, babe I was in a hurry , I had studio time with Drake and I couldn’t be late. 
O-baby : Oh :/ 
Nicki - what’s up with fucked up face She texted back frustrated . 
O-baby : It just seems like you always seem to jump on drizzy team when he asks you to do something ? 
 Nicki couldn’t even believe what she just read.  
*Nicki’s thoughts*
   How dare that selfish muthafucka say that to me? I mean I know me and Drake are close but that doesn’t mean anything. Bastard! I don’t judge him when his bobble head EX’s pop every know and then. 
 Nicki was so angry that she didn’t realize Drake was standing right in front of her.
” You okay Nick?” he said with a concerned face.
” Yeah I just got into a little argument with Omarion”.
” What was it about ?” he asked.
” Oh nothing important”.
” Really , because they way you was glaring at that phone kind of makes me think different”. 
It was just like Drake to see Right thru Nicki……
Nicki couldn’t help but smile at his concerned face. 
” Really Drake its okay, Omarion and I will be fine okay. Plus, I suggest you stop worrying about me and my boo and get to the pretty red-headed doll over there waiting for you. “
She pointed to Rihanna who was sitting on the coach playing angry bird on her Iphone. Drake gave Nicki a quick wink and walked over to Riri. Nicki loved how Drake and Riri’s relationship was. It always seemed like Drake knew just the right things to say to Rihanna or to anybody in that matter feel better. Nicki was stuck on this thought until she arrived to her house. Nicki came to house that was full of people and load music. 
Oh my goodness not this shit again !

Back in the car*
Drake and Rihanna finally arrived at home after getting a bite to eat. Drake was still stuck on the reason why Riri got so angry with him at the studio. Rihanna caught the look on Drake’s frustrated face.
” Babe, what’s wrong you look like your reading a foreign language or something. “
Drake quickly snapped out the trance he was in. 
“Ohh nothing , I’m just trying to figure out something that happened earlier today. 
Drake figured that maybe he could ease the answer out of her instead of just blurting the shit out. 
“Well um it just seem like um.. you got a little pissed of at me today.”
She gave him a quizzical look.
” When did I get mad at you Drake?”
Drake gave her surprised look. *How in the hell did she just forget that shit that fucking fast*. He sighed in frustration. 
“What!? You really don’t remember cursing me out at the studio for no apparent reason?!?! 
Rihanna slowly gained the memory the of early today back. Her soft face turned into a hard scowl. 
 ” Oh , yes I do remember yelling at you and there was a reason Aubrey !”
  Then the car fell in silence. It was so much tension in the air….. And Drake couldn’t stand it.
” Well what the fuck was it Robyn??!?” , he said breaking the silence. 
Rihanna sat there silent waiting for Drake to calm himself down. When he finally did she spoke.
” It was the way your where looking at her Aubrey.”
“Looking at who boo?”
After those words escaped his lips it everything sorta click and he know who she  was talking about.

okkkay finally finish with this chapter YAh!!!!!! Mmmm wonder who Riri was talking about and what is Nicki going to do with O ????? I tried to make it a cliff hanger…. :) Chapter 4 in a few…..

More coming soon ; )

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Young Love : A Dricki Affair Chapt. 2

Young Love : A Dricki Love Affair
Okay so here the next chapter…….
  Chapter 2 : His Room 
Back in the Studio.
” Damn she’s always fucking late!”, He huffed. ” It’s okay baby you know how us girls can get “. 
Drake and Rihanna are sitting in the studio waiting for Nicki and Sb to arrive.
Nicki and Sb came rushing through the door. “Finally girl, you know you like 30 minutes late right”? “I know Sb flirtin ass wanna cake up with the damn receptionist. ” OHH bullshit!” he screamed. ” I aint the one who took all day in the bathroom like fucking always”. #Paus…. “Anyways you got the track ?” “Yea”, Drake said. The beat from make me proud slumped out they headphone. Drake began to sing the chorus
I’m so I’ m so I’m so I’m so I’m so proud of you ….
His eyes began to linger over to Nicki’s booth. Their eyes meet and hot feelings washed over both of them. They’re eyes stayed connect until a loud tap on the window broke it. Eyes fixed with a glare Rihanna motioned for Drake to come out the booth. Drake taps on Nicki’s She nods and began to rehearse her part on the track. He steps out the booth to see a furious Riri. He cautiously walked over towards her. 
She turns around to speak not to Drake, but to Sb. ” He Sb can you be a sweet heart and get me a water”? ” Uhh sure “, he said with a confused look. 
Did she not see that big ass cooler full of drinks ?
After the he left Riri set her sites on Drake. 
Rihanna , ” What the hell was that about?”
Drake , ” What are the fuck are talking about ?” he yelled
Rihanna, ” Do not play stupid with me Aubrey!” she bursted out.
Drake knew that when Rihanna called him by his government he knew shit was serious. Frustrated he tried to be the bigger person in this and just apologize for what ever he did, ( which was fucking nothing). “Look if I upset you I do apologize and If hurt you in any kind of way I’m sorry”, he said with pleading hazel eyes. She looked into his eyes and her anger began to vanish. How could she stay mad at him with that kind of face. 
Awww Aubrey <3 such a sweet heart 
*I know this chapter is short too but I promise the 3rd chapter will be way longer and full of wet dreams and late night visits. : )

Young Love : A Dricki Affair

Young Love : A Dricki Love Affair
Brief info: Drake is with Rihanna and Nicki is with Omarion. Things seem all good but relationships will soon be shattered by betrayal , lust, lies, and deception <3. )


CHAPTER 1 - Her Room 
  Nicki lays awake in bed, warm air tickles her neck. She knew it was someone but who? He scent was so familiar, his hands began to rope around her waist. He pulls her closer and whispers in her ear, “Are you ready ?”. As their bodies began to move in closer the beautiful vision began to shake. Nicki wakes up in a cold sweat with tingles all over her body “You okay baby?”, Omarion says. “Yeah I just had the - …. never mind.” 
Nicki didn’t want to tell him tell him about the dream, it wasn’t about him any way. But still the thought of thinking about somebody else is crazy. Omarion and I have me dating for like 1 year so why would I be thinking about someone else?
Baby what was it ?”said Omarion. Nicki ignored the question and rushed to the bathroom. She turns on the shower and gets in. 
His touch, his voice, his everything made Nicki’s body quiver. No- I’m not suppose to be even thinking about anybody else. I’m with Omarion, the one I love …right? 
Her Thoughts where interrupted by Sb. ” Nicki hurry yo ass up we have to meet drake in the studio in like a hour. 
 - MMM who was Nicki thinking about in dreams …. cough couch :)
Next chapter coming soon …. ( In like a 30min- 1hr.)
P.s Sorry for it for being so short , I’ll try to make it longer … <3.