Saturday, November 26, 2011

Young Love : A Dricki Affair Chapt. 2

Young Love : A Dricki Love Affair
Okay so here the next chapter…….
  Chapter 2 : His Room 
Back in the Studio.
” Damn she’s always fucking late!”, He huffed. ” It’s okay baby you know how us girls can get “. 
Drake and Rihanna are sitting in the studio waiting for Nicki and Sb to arrive.
Nicki and Sb came rushing through the door. “Finally girl, you know you like 30 minutes late right”? “I know Sb flirtin ass wanna cake up with the damn receptionist. ” OHH bullshit!” he screamed. ” I aint the one who took all day in the bathroom like fucking always”. #Paus…. “Anyways you got the track ?” “Yea”, Drake said. The beat from make me proud slumped out they headphone. Drake began to sing the chorus
I’m so I’ m so I’m so I’m so I’m so proud of you ….
His eyes began to linger over to Nicki’s booth. Their eyes meet and hot feelings washed over both of them. They’re eyes stayed connect until a loud tap on the window broke it. Eyes fixed with a glare Rihanna motioned for Drake to come out the booth. Drake taps on Nicki’s She nods and began to rehearse her part on the track. He steps out the booth to see a furious Riri. He cautiously walked over towards her. 
She turns around to speak not to Drake, but to Sb. ” He Sb can you be a sweet heart and get me a water”? ” Uhh sure “, he said with a confused look. 
Did she not see that big ass cooler full of drinks ?
After the he left Riri set her sites on Drake. 
Rihanna , ” What the hell was that about?”
Drake , ” What are the fuck are talking about ?” he yelled
Rihanna, ” Do not play stupid with me Aubrey!” she bursted out.
Drake knew that when Rihanna called him by his government he knew shit was serious. Frustrated he tried to be the bigger person in this and just apologize for what ever he did, ( which was fucking nothing). “Look if I upset you I do apologize and If hurt you in any kind of way I’m sorry”, he said with pleading hazel eyes. She looked into his eyes and her anger began to vanish. How could she stay mad at him with that kind of face. 
Awww Aubrey <3 such a sweet heart 
*I know this chapter is short too but I promise the 3rd chapter will be way longer and full of wet dreams and late night visits. : )

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