Saturday, November 26, 2011

Young Love : A Dricki Affair

Young Love : A Dricki Love Affair
Brief info: Drake is with Rihanna and Nicki is with Omarion. Things seem all good but relationships will soon be shattered by betrayal , lust, lies, and deception <3. )


CHAPTER 1 - Her Room 
  Nicki lays awake in bed, warm air tickles her neck. She knew it was someone but who? He scent was so familiar, his hands began to rope around her waist. He pulls her closer and whispers in her ear, “Are you ready ?”. As their bodies began to move in closer the beautiful vision began to shake. Nicki wakes up in a cold sweat with tingles all over her body “You okay baby?”, Omarion says. “Yeah I just had the - …. never mind.” 
Nicki didn’t want to tell him tell him about the dream, it wasn’t about him any way. But still the thought of thinking about somebody else is crazy. Omarion and I have me dating for like 1 year so why would I be thinking about someone else?
Baby what was it ?”said Omarion. Nicki ignored the question and rushed to the bathroom. She turns on the shower and gets in. 
His touch, his voice, his everything made Nicki’s body quiver. No- I’m not suppose to be even thinking about anybody else. I’m with Omarion, the one I love …right? 
Her Thoughts where interrupted by Sb. ” Nicki hurry yo ass up we have to meet drake in the studio in like a hour. 
 - MMM who was Nicki thinking about in dreams …. cough couch :)
Next chapter coming soon …. ( In like a 30min- 1hr.)
P.s Sorry for it for being so short , I’ll try to make it longer … <3.

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