Saturday, June 23, 2012

In my mind

I know I’ve been gone for a minute but I’m back but Idk for how long Hopefully a dricki moment happens at the BET awards then maybe I could come back in full force until then enjoy …. - MIlli

Rihanna POV
I sat in my bath tub soaking up the warm bubbles. My face was stained with tears. I my eyes where puffy and red I’ve been crying for hours but it felt like days to me.
I hated myself for falling for his charm and his grace. He was everything I needed and more. I remember the first time she  introduced us.
[Flashback June 14, 2010]
I was sitting in the back of the VIP booth just feeling myself. My body was at ease they patron had me on a natural high. I watch as the biggest stars in the world party for YMCMB annual get together of the biggest heavy hitters in the game.
I was happily invited by my lovely friend Nicki. She scanned the crowd trying to look for her. I seen talking to a tall man with a curly mini afro. 

I walked over squeezing through the bodies and I finally reached her. I grabbed her ass in return she squealed and grilled me. I just cheesed.

“I’m sorry Nic I can’t help it that thang is just so juicy”, I chuckled to myself.

Her face soften into a smile.

” Yeah whatever girl… but anyways like I was saying to Aubrey over here I think he should start dating again”.

He rolled his eyes”, Nic what I tell you about saying my government infront of people”.

“Oh boy please like everybody in the whole world don’t know yo got damn name you mega-star”, she laughed.

He smiled. He smile was so beautiful I felt myself blushing.

Nic eyes shot to me and to him, and sinister smile crept across her face.

” Hey Drake I’ma get us some more drinks”, she quickly peeled away from us. 
Leaving us awkward and shook.

” Soo he “, spoke.

” How is the tour doing RiRi”, he questioned.

I smiled to myself , ” It’s really good Drizzy but how’s yo tour I see you be kissing on dem girls making they panties”, I laughed.

” Oh that’s just a treat I give to my fans nothing to serious”, he responded.

” Oh no Drake I see how those women be flocking you like you a piece of meat”, I smirked.

A small smile crept on his face. ” I don’t see any of them as girlfriend material…”

” What do you see in a girlfriend”, I spoke boldly. 

I didn’t know if it the was liquor talking or me but I just wanted to know.

He arched a eyebrow at me making me blush once again.

” Now now now Mrs.Robyn why would you like to know”, he licked his plump pink lips.

“Just asking Mr. Aubrey”, I smiled

[End flashback]

That’s how we started talking and after that day I thought I found the man of my dreams somebody I could see myself marrying but in the end his feelings for Nicki where stronger than mine.
I don’t even see why she left him off some bogus ass rumor, she wouldn’t even hear him out yet he always states in everyone of interviews lyrics shit he even wrote the a beautiful song about her
I felt my heart starting to sink I sunk deeper into the bath..
I just want him to love me…


  1. I would feel more sympathy for Riri if she wasn't a psycho! I understand how you can fall in love with Drake, especially after Nicki left ya'll to flirt but if you know that his feelings are stronger for her than they are for you, then why are you trying to make him love you? He'll respect you more if you let him go and stopped beign so creepy(get some help chile).

    And omg YES! I need to know my babies are atleast TALKING still cause lately....:/ But positive thoughts!

  2. Yes!!! You Came Back!! Wooo....I Feel I Kinda Bad For Rihanna :/ nobody should be cheated on, but no one should be a crazy bitch too!! Like My Your Crazy Ass Down!! Update Soooon!! :)

  3. Haha trick that's right back the fuck off her man!!! I would dhave sympathy except for the fact that she's fucking insane I mean who wouldn't fall in love with Drake? But yeah I really hope they go to the Ice Age 4 Premiere together and they're both headlining Wireless Festival soooo...

  4. Lmaooooooooooooooo this bitch crazy

  5. I feel the same as y'all like I would have some sympathy but she's a lunitic. I need to know what's up with our babies Dricki. Post soon please.:) oh and check out my story please it's my first blog but let me know if you like it.:)