Saturday, July 21, 2012

I want too.

We sat there in silence. As we contemplated on what we just said. I took his hands into mine.

"Aubrey if where going to be together I need you leave Rihanna for good", I stared into his hazel orbs.

He put his big hand over mine. He took his other and cupped my face. " Onika Tanya Maraj I love you with all my heart and I am at your command".

A smile grew over my face. Pulled him into a deep kiss. Our tongues play tongue war. I shifted so that I was fully straddling. His hands moved from my hips to my plump back side. I gripped and I instantly moaned in mouth.

He mouth down to my ear to my neck. He spelt I love you with his tongue on my chest. He slipped me out of my big t-shirt revealing my pink lace bra.

He buried his face in between my breast leaving passion marks here and there.

He laid my body down so that he was now straddling me. He trailed butterfly kissed all the way down to my navel. I squirmed under his touch. He bit my lower abdmen making me squeal a low moan.

He literally ripped off my bottoms. He kissed my other set of lips through my pinky thong. I shiver under his touch. He blew on my clit make me grow weaker.

He ripped those off as well throwing somewhere in the room. He placed my legs his neck. He held my thighs securely . He gave my pussy lips a little kiss and dove in....


" Drakeeeeeeeeeee", she screamed.

My baby was leaking everywhere. I made my tongue flat and shoved it down her tight hole. I moaned turned into cries. She tried to push me away but I held on tight. I felt her hands grip my curls.

I hummed making it send vibrations making her leak even more. Her looks began to shake hard. She yanked my curls coming hard on my tongue.  I lapped over her juice downing all of her.

I stripped myself down to birthday and went back to back I call home inbetween Nicki's legs. I teasing rubbing the head against the enterance. Her whimpers I loved the sound of.

With warning I rammed into inside of making her instantly come.

" Ohhhh fuck aubrey", she yelled.

I smiled at my handy work. I started off with a slow rhythme which gradually grew. I had her ankles to her ears. I thrusted in and out of her.

Her juices where drenching the sheets. I felt like I was fucking the ocean. Truly beautiful. I let go of legs which she latched around my waist. I gave her long and deeper strokes. He nails dug designs in my back.

He walls hugged my dick ever so tightly. I could feel myself swelling. Her whold body began to shake hard.

" AUBREEYYYYY I'm going to cum....", she moaned

" Baby wait I'm almost there",

I went faster and deeper until the muscles tighten in my stomach. She said my whole name as we came at the same time.

I clapsed on his chest. She giggled. He buried my head in her neck as she messed with my curls.

"I love you Aubrey Drake Graham".

" I love you too Onika Tanya Maraj".


I sat there watching the clock tick away. He's been gone for over 24 hours. I called everybody and they had no clue where he was. I called the one person who could actually track him down and get him back home dead or alive....


  1. Woahhhhhhhhhhhhh!

    Aubrey Drake Graham, Imma need you to let Rihanna go. Like seriously, break up with her, stab her, push her off a cliff, Idfc but kill the bitch, smoke the bitch, ice the bitch. (idk what movie I got that from.) ANYWAYDOE, on to more interesting things....

    BOYYYYYYYYYYY, Drake & his tongue game is on point & Catya told the world in an interview.

    But HOLD UP. Imma need Rihtard to fall AWL the way back. Like restraining order back because if this hoe does anything to my Aubrey, it's gonna be some problems.

    Enough of my ranting, I loveeeeddd this Milli <3

  2. Aubrey Drake Graham, you BETTER cut Rihanna off RIGHT NOW! DON'T PLAY MY NIKA-CHU!!! But aaaaaayeeee they was getting it in like whew! Guess Drake was paddling in ;) hehe but oh lawd Rihanna is too crazy like the bitch needs to go to rehab and revert back to normal cause ch- my baby Drake ain't got the time. She better not cause any harm to fall upon Drake or Nicki or else Imma smash her five-head against a brick wall ^_^

    Btw, when you had said triple update, I truly didn't understand lmfao it finally came to me XP