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Falling Out

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Chapter 14
2 weeks has gone by and things between Nicki and Drake has become cold. With Rihanna tracking Nicki’s every move , she would be at every place they’d be at which made Nicki’s highly suspicious. Today was the day of Drake’s Album Release of Take Care. He was having a album release party tonight. Nicki was in her chair getting her hair done. She hasn’t talked to Drake all day. She decided to call him. He phone rung twice before someone answered. A familiar voice rang through the phone.
” Hello ,Onika”, she said in cold voice. 
” Um.. hey is Drake there?”, she asked. 
” Um let me check… NOPE!”
” Oh well could you just tell I said Congrats and I’ll seem him there”.
” Mmmkay… oh and Nicki?”
” Yeah”
” Stay away from Aubrey”
Nicki was shocked by her demand, ” Excuse me”?
” You heard me stay the fuck away from Aubrey or there will be some problems”. The line went died and Nicki sat there in shock of her harsh words. Nicki’s blood began to boil. ” Hey Terrence can you go a little faster with my hair?”
” Um sure honey”.
* At the Hotel*
Rihanna hung up the phone with a sly smile on her face. ” Wassup with the crazy smile bae?”, Draked asked.
” Oh nothing just happy about your album release that’s all”, she lied. He kissed her on top of her head ” Thanks baby”. ” Anything for you Aubrey”.
He smiled “, But aye…babe have you seen my phone I don’t know what happened to it. It was just on my bed ??”
“Ummm…..No but I’ll look for you while you get ready k?”
She slipped his phone from behind her back and took off the back to put on the same chip she’d put on Nic’s phone. * I love you , but I know I can’t trust*  She sighed, ” Hey babe I found it “.
” Thanks babe he said coming out of the bathroom dressed in all black in gold. He wore a black cashmere sweater that said Take Care , black jeans, custom made black jordan, and of course gold jewelry. * DAMN ! * ” OHHH Aubrey you look fucking sexy”. He blushed, ” Well thank you sexy, but we have to go so go get dressed”. 
” kay boo”.
* The Party*

Drake and Rihanna walked into the brightly lite night club. The Club was decked out in all black and gold thanks to Take Care. ” Omgooosh this place looks amazing”, Rihanna gushed. ” Why thank you”, said Amber. ” Oh WOw Amb you did this….it’s freaking incredible”. ” Oh stop it ! Well anything for Drizzy right I mean he couldn’t find anyone else the nigga partically begged me”. 
” Oh there where plenty , but yo happy ass jumped on it before I had a chance to call any one”. ” Hahaha very funny Aubrey”, she said swatting his comment away. 
” Kidding sis”.he smiled
” Well guys let’s get you two to VIP shall we?”
She led them to a room a top of the club. The view was spectacular. The sitting room was gorgeous ! 
There where all black leather couches that had Take Care embedded in the head rest. A beautiful pyramid of champagne glasses filled with Drake’s favorite kind of wine and behind the couches against the wall was a mini bar. It was also stocked with many delicious foods and pastries. And last there was a big ass cake that was a three layer cake and on top was the Take Care album. And on the bottom said Congratulation Drake !. ” Damn sis you did it big for me didn’t you?” 
” Anything for my lil bro”, she gave him quick hug. ” Okay back to the task at hand. Okay I’ll let you guys know when to make the entrance to the party got it?” 
“Yes mama”, he saluted her. 
Soon the club started to fill with thousands of guest and fans. Rihanna and Drake made a very flawless entrance. Black and gold roses where thrown behind them as the descended down the stair case. Everybody applauded. 
* Her arrival*
Nicki arrived at the party solo. Sb had to take of some family business in Jamaica so he had to leave town for a few days. Leaving Nicki alone. She tried to spot people she knew. Like a sign from God Nic founded Amb in a small crowd in the back. She quickly walked over and inserted her self into their little group. She was all laughs and giggles until she saw Rihanna approach with Drake on her arm. She clung to him like her life depended on it. Her posture stiffened but her face had a calm but cold smile on it. 
” Hey guys “, said Rihanna looking at Nicki only.
” Is everybody having a good time ?”
Everybody nodded but Nic who had her eye on Rihanna. Rihanna smiled , ” How about you Nic ? You having fun?”
” I’m great” , she spat out.
” Good ….Oh yeah why don’t you say congrats to Drake mmm”.
 She averted her eyes to Drake. She got up and strutted over to him. She gave him a tight hug. ” Congrats Aubrey, I’m so proud of you baby” , her voice was filled with love and compassion. ” Thank you so much Onika bae.. I love you”.
” I love you too”.
They stood there for a minute until there bodies where pushed apart with Riri’s arm and hands.  
” Enough hugging let’s party!!!”, she shot her eyes on Nic. Who returned it with a scowl. 
Rihanna took Drake’s hand and led him back to VIP. Nicki dragged behind them. Amb fell into step with Nicki. ” Yo wassup with you and Rihanna??”
” Nothing”
” Mmmm Show didn’t look like nothing”. Nicki ignored her accusations and say down opposite of Drake and Rihanna. They all exchanged looks at one another. They all knew it was going to be a crazy night. Rihanna broke the silent tension. ” Well how about I go get us some drinks shall I “
” That sounds great thanks bae”. Rihanna walked over to the mini bar.
Nicki knew this was a great opportunity to tell drake what she was feeling. She crossed over the table and sat by drake. 
” Umm drake could we talk private please?”
” Uhhh Yeah sure let’s go over there”, he pointed to the dark corner by the dj booth. Nicki took his hand guided them over there.
” Sooo wassup Nic everything okay??”
” Yeah it’s just uhh….” , she sat there silent. She didn’t know where to begin.
” Nic babe is everything alright …Did Omarion do something wrond…Do I have to go kill a nigga”, he voice rose.
” Ohhh nooo me and Faree took care of that”.
” Then what is it??”. He leaned his body in closer with hers’.
” It’s just that…isn’t it weird that Rihanna has been popping up on us a lot lately”.
He thought about it. There was a lot of her showing up in places he didn’t think she would know about.
” yeah I guess that is weird but you know Rihanna she pops up from the blew all the time”
” But not when your usually with me”.
” That is true”
” See I think she’s up to something drake”
Drake laughed not at her but of the idea, ” Nicki I doubt she’s out to get you”.
Nicki was hurt and furious at his remark. ” You know what forget . Have a good time at your party with her”. She started to walk off but Drake grabbed her wrist.
” Come on Nic don’t be like please?”, his voice sounding hurt. She turned around to face him.
” Drake your girlfriend said some crazy ass shit to me today”.
” Like what?”
” Stuff like stay away from you or I’ll be sorry”,she explained in a furious tone.
Drake couldn’t help but crack another smile. Which sent Nicki off edge.
” You know what fuck it. I can see why we broke up Aubrey. You are too childish and kiddish for me. Sooo yeah good head and be with that crazy bitch”, with that she snatched her wrist away from him and ran out of the club. Before leaving she heard Rihanna saying, ” That’s for taking the hint Nic bye love and thanks for coming”.
She tried to mask her tears before she exited the club but they fell as soon she started walking in a slower pace. 
Drake was left there shocked and angry. ” What the fuck ever man”, he said aloud. Rihanna appeared out of no where making Drake jump. ” Ohh sorry babe didn’t mean to frightened you”.
” Its cool”. 
Rihanna could tell that Drake just got into the a argument with Nicki just liked she hoped. ” Oh baby why the long face your suppose to be happy tonight… It’s your night boo.”
” Yeah I know but Nic-“
” Look don’t worry about her I’ll take care of you okay?”
” Kay”, she pecked him on the lips.
* Phase 1 complete now to phase 2*
” hey babe I gotta make a quick call k”, she walked over to the bar and called Aaron. ” hey Aaron I gotta another task for you”.
TADADDDAAA FINISHED!!!!!!!! NEW CHAPTER WILL BE POSTED SOON. The next chapter is called Can Anybody Hear me 


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