Thursday, February 2, 2012

Master plan
Chapter 13
   Aaron hung up the phone in anger. She hated when Rihanna asked her to do idiotic tasks. First it was Nebby now Nicki , who she actually liked. ” Things would’ve never been like this if she wouldn’t have never took that deal in New York.
[ Flash back]

    Aaron was sitting on the curb eyes full of tears. She had just found out that her tuition money had been denied. She didn’t know what to do her mom was addicted to drugs and her daddy was long gone somewhere she didn’t know. She really had no one to turn to. While she sat there and poured her heart out on the streets and dark figure appeared behind her. A beautiful caramel women, with red hair and a unique outfit crept out of the darkness. 
” What’s the matter sweety” , her accent was thick , very tropical. She curled down and sat next to her. Aaron’s expression turned from grumpy to shocked. She couldn’t believe that Rihanna was sitting right beside her. 
” Omyyyyygosh!!!!!! Ri-rihanna what ?! How!? Who !?”, she stammered in amazement. Rihanna giggles lightly,” I always take a stroll around this beautiful city at night” , she gazed around the lite up city. ” Oh huh that’s nice” , still in shock. 
   ” So why where you crying just a minute ago?”, she asked
” Oh it was nothing that you would want to hear about”, she strutted.
” Naw it was something serious now tell me ’ , she urged her.
” No really its-“
” Oh hush up with the lies girl and come out with it”.
She was both in awe and envy of Rihanna’s attitude.
” Well I uhh just found out I was denied for my college loan and I just uh-uh huh I really don’t know what to do”, she began to whimper. 
” Oh sweety how bout this I will take care of that nasty money problem” , she said throwing her arm over her shoulder and hugging her tightly. She gave her a crazed expression. ” No-nooooo I couldn’t just take your money ohh I just can’t do that it’s not right and-“. She seized her words.
” Yes you will and believe you won’t be doing this for free. You’ ll just be doing my bidding for now on okay?”
She raised her eyebrow at her” Really are you being serious with me right now?”
She put her hand over her heart” I promise you I do”.
She arched her eyebrow” Bidding?”
” Yea it’s sorta of like a assistant “. She was still quizzical about the offer. ” Umm okay I guess.”
Her face beamed,” Good now let’s get you out of this place and get you to your new home”.
” My new home?”
” Yea I already got a place set out for you”.
Strange , she thought to her self.
* Poor girl she just signed her soul away … but I’ll make it worth her awhile … for a little while I guess* She gave her a sly smile.
   Her thoughts where interrupted by a text message. Of course from Rihanna.
   The party has been pushed up for tonight ok? The address is 21 West 52nd Street
New York, I’ll drop odd the passes tonight. -riri xoxo

Oh great , she thunk to her self again. 

She peered over to the clock and it read 6:50 pm. She decided to get ready now. She took a shower and lotioned up. She got dressed into a white one- shoulder mini dress and red bottom heels. She was doing her hair when the door bell rang. She opened the door and where Rihanna stood there with a grin on her face. She bumped past her into her home. ” Well come on in”, she said under her breath.
” What was that” , she retorted. ” uh nothing”.
” Alrighty then here are the passes and this is the section where we are going to be sitting. And here is what Nicki’s purse looks like

She held up a picture on her phone to show her. She soon became overwhelmed with all this info. She had to push the breaks. ” Hold up , hold up aren’t you going to be there?” ” Well duh , of course”. 
” Then why can’t you do this shit?” She gave her a ice cold glare, ” What the fuck I look like snooping there her purse Hello common scents.”
Aaron pursed her lips.” That’s what I thought”.
She couldn’t just stand there and go through this shit again.” Look Rihanna I-II I really don’t think I could do this like seriously , remember last time??”
 Rihanna gave her a blank stare.” I was arrested and tossed in jail for 3 months while you where living it up with Drake in Barbados.”
  She gave her a cold smile. She stepped forward and slapped her straight across the face.” Don’t get fucking soft on me now, we had deal and you are going to stick through with it got it?”
She nodded her head hidden behind her now throbbing face. ” Good see you there boo”. She exited out of her apartment.
Aaron went to the mirror to see how much damage Rihanna left her face this time. She left a red mark on her check and scratch from her ring.  Dammit! Well atleast it’s not a black eye again, she said heavily. She put on a boat load of concealer to hide the marks. She put on a dab of make up and got her stuff to get ready to leave. As she was about to grab her keys her mind raced at that of actually going through with it. Before she could even decide she grabbed her keys and rushed out the door.
 Nicki, Drake, Rihanna,SB , and Trina sat at the vip lounge in the back. Everything was cool and calm , but there was a little tension between riri and nick. Rihanna would always peek out the corner of her eye and sized nick’s face up to see if she was looking at drake. When Nicki made that one contact to drake’s face Rihanna out of spite took in Drake’s face and kissed him hard. Uncomfortable with situation Nicki left to the bathroom and Trina followed her. Drake pushed out of Riri’s embrace. ” What the fuck Rihanna?”
” What I can’t kiss you when that bitch is a around now huh”, she argued.
Drake just rolled his eyes and walked over to the bar with Sb accompanying him. Just as planned With that Aaron came from the shadows and over to their section of the club. She went passed Rihanna over to Nicki’s purse. She soon came to a complete stop. Riri saw this and stood up and walked over to her. ” What’s the hold up”, she asked angrily. ” I dunno if I can do this “, she begged. ” Oh bitch you better or you’ll be sitting on the curb again”, she spat. She dug into her purse and pulled out and chipped and handed it to her. ” What’s this for?” ” To put in the phone”
” Oh”. She pointed her finger to the purse. She grabbed it and dug the phone out. Rihanna snatched it took the back off of it and put the chip on the SIM card. She handed her back the phone and gave it back to Aaron who put it back into her purse. She was then dismissed. Everybody returned in minutes. Rihanna gave Nicki a funny smile when she pulled out her phone. 
Now I know every move you make hoe. Trying getting him alone now!

She cuddled up to Drake and drank her drink knowing she had just got a small victory.
-I’ll be posting the next chapter tonight or maybe tomorrow bye bye now :D

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