Thursday, January 19, 2012

Nothing but trouble
Chapter 12
Nicki woke up in totally nirvana. Drake did wonders one her body and soul.  She gazed up at her sleeping king. He looked so adorable sleep. She rubbed the little stubble under his chin. He grabbed her hand , which frightened the shit out of her. Her heart almost leaped out of her chest.
” Dammit Drake don’t scare me like that !” , putting her hand over her fast beating heart. 
” Well you shouldn’t touch on people will their sleep ” , mimicking her voice. 
” uhuh Whatevea ” , she rolled her eyes. She felt her stomach growl.
” So you want so breakfast honey?”
” Yea that sounds really good babe” , she touched her empty belly.
He hoped out of bed and went into the kitchen. Nicki laid in bed drinking in that blissful moment of last night. Her thoughts where clouded because she knew that he had to return to Rihanna.
After 30 minutes later , Drake return with two full plates loaded with sausage links , eggs , beligian waffles , and bacon. Nicki eyes lite up like a switch. 
” Oh my gosh Drake everything looks so delicous”, her eyes ran over the feast before her. 
” Who knew you could cook like this”, she giggled
” Well I grew up with my mother half my life and she told any women would fall in love with you if you knew how to cook so..”
” That is so true” , she smiled.
” Well let’s dig in then”, she was about to grab a piece of bacon when Drake slapped her fingers away. 
” Ouch what tha fuck man!”
” Grace first Miss Piggy” , he smiled.
She wrinkled her nose. They said a quick prayer and ate with a little bit of small talk. 
” So what are doing late tonight” , Nicki asked looking down at her plate.
” Ummm finishing the Take Care album and picking out a new release date why??”
She was still looking down ,” Oh nothing just Uh wondering I guess”
He burst-ed out in laughter. ” Hey what the fuck is so funny!” , she arched her eyebrow. He pinched her cheek, ” You are so cute when you shy and shit “. She flicked his hands off her face. ” haha very funny”.
They finished breakfast and too showers separately. They where about to apart when Drake grabbed Nicki by the waist and gave her a deep kiss. She broke from it , ” What was that for?”
“For making you made earlier boo”. he smirked.
” Aren’t you such a sweety pie” , caressing his face.
They parted ways with another kiss. Nicki called Sb and told him to meet her at her house so they could get ride of the O problem.
Nicki and Sb arrived at the same time. As Nicki got out of the car her stomach began to do back flips. She hated doing confrontations with people especially with Sb loud ass!
” You ready to do this shit Nicki” , he said with a sneaky smile.
” Let’s just get this shit over with okay and with no fighting Safaree I mean it” , she commanded.
” Yes mama’ ” , he saluted her.
She opened the door to see Omarion laying on the couch and watching T.V. 
 He quickly got up and approached her.
” Look Nicki baby can we please talk about this , please???” , he begged , grabbing her hand.
She snatched it away. ” Bye with all that shit “. ” You had a chance to be with me but you blew it fucking dat dumb ass hoe Nigga !”
He looked at her coldly , ” Didn’t I fucking tell you that I wanted to explain my goddamn self !” , he forced her hands back into his. SB caught this and had to step in. ” Aye Nigga let go of her hand”
” Nigga take yo ass and go sit in some corner somewhere” , he said shooing him away.
Sb was furious, ” The fuck you say to me Nigga!!”, pushing past Nicki.
” Sb please calm down and Omarion get yo shit and get the fuck outta of my house right now!”
” I ain’t going no Fucking where”.
” The fuck you is ” , Sb exclaimed.
” Yes you are or else the police with be getting involved and you don’t want that now do you”, she taunted him. He breathed out heavily and pushed passed her.
” You betta watch the fuck out dude” , sb yelled.
He stormed up stairs and went and pack his stuff. With in 20 minutes he came down stairs with all his belongings. She saw that he still had the 20 thousand dollar chain she got him on. She walked up to him and snatched it off his neck.  He grabbed her wrist and smushed her face. 
” Give my damn necklace back bitch !”
” No Nigga I brought it now let go of me”, she escaped his grasps.
” Fuck no you bastards !” He took his hand and back handed her.
” The fuck bitch give me my shit back ” , he snatched it out of her hands. 
SB socked Omarion so hard so bad that he flew into the kitchen landing on the floor. 
” fuck wrong with you nigga that’s a female”, he picked nicki up.
” I’m calling the police Nicki!”, he grabbed his phone. Omarion flew up and got his shit. ” This shit ain’t over Nicki ” , and with that he was gone. 
” Dammit”
” It ‘s okay Sb let’s just get that fuck outta this hell hole”.
They left in a hurry. She looked back at her and knew that she didn’t ever want to come back. 
Drake arrived at home. He walked in to see now awaiting Rihanna. ” Rihanna are you home?” 
She came flying down the stairs. ” Where the fuck have you been aubrey huh” , she got on her tippy toes and slapped him. He breathed in heavily , ” I was out okay damn I do have a life”, he pushed past her. He went into the kitchen and saw the cake massacre that she left. ” What the fuck happen in my kitchen??”
” Don’t try to change that subject Aubrey where have you been??”
” Like I said I was out ” , he huffed. 
” Oh okay Okay I see you” , she went up to her bedroom and slammed the door. He sighed and went into the living room. 
” How fucking dare he lie to my fucking face like that!” 
” I know he was with that bitch last night !”
She got out her Iphone and decided to call in a favor. 
The Phone rung twice before they answered.
” Hey Riri wassup ?”
” I need you a to me a little favor Aaron”.
” Oh kay like what??”
” I need you to get Nicki Minaj’s cell phone”.
She laughed , ” You gotta be kidding me right … right?”
” No look there is this party tomorrow night and She’ll be there so you can get it”.
” First off how the hell I am going to get into a party like that and Secondly I can’t take her phone rihanna “. Rihanna grew frustated ” If you want to stay in college yes you fucking will”.
” Are you threatening me  Robyn??”
” Call it what you want it , I need that phone in my hand in my hand at the party got it!”
She hesitated but answered” Yes”.
” Good I will text you with the details , directions and vip tickets tomorrow”.
I ‘m backkkkkkkkkkkk! Got that new stuff for my barbs ! HAHAHA Riri is F-cking crazy and Omarion Ohh that silly nigga ! What if Drake finds out ohhh and Who is this Aaron chick. Guess you find out later -xoxo

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  1. OMFG!!!! Who the hell does Omarion think he is??!!! I tried to jump through this screen!! He's a cunt wad!!! Ughhhh!! Wait until drake finds out!! And then that CRAY BITCH Rihanna! SMDH!! I dare her to fuck with nicki! Now that's a fucking threat.! I can't stand those idiotic nut sacks!! Ughhhhh Lmfaooo update soooooon! I loved it! :))