Monday, January 2, 2012

Shot for me

Chapter 9 
Fan fiction enjoy.
After Nicki and Amber had their resourcefulness reunion and heart to heart they part ways. Amber went to catch up on some beauty sleep and Nicki to her damaged home. She drove in silence , her mind was still pondering about her realization for Drake.
Was I right to let him go?? Does he still have those feelings that I am feeling right now for him for me??? Does …does he still love me like I do him????
   A tear fell onto her cheek. She quickly tried to contain herself but she just fell apart. The tears began to overflow her eyelids.
Why did you do this to me ??? You promised me you’d never hurt me Aubrey?? And now when I need you the most I can’t be with you because your with somebody else??? Her that girl that I so mistakenly let you have! I loved you so much Aubrey! Words couldn’t even explain how much still I do ! 
 At this time Nicki had reached her house. She tried to compose herself. She put on some concealer so he wouldn’t tell that she had been crying. She sighed and breathe in out. She readied her self for this worse. She began walking towards the door.
Nicki exhaled and unlocked the door. She walked into the house. She closed the door the door quietly. When she step in and undressed herself at the door she heard a faint sound coming from upstairs. She thought it was nothing but then she heard it again. She crept up stairs slowly and very cautious. She followed the noise which led to her bedroom. The door was cracked wide enough for her to  see two people having sex . The woman was moaning and there was Omarion at the bottom groaning like a pig. Nicki quickly moved away from the area and went to the nearest wall. She sank down to ground. She couldn’t believe he could do this to her. 
Not again …..
* Back at his Home*
Drake and Rihanna were in the mist of making of love with one another. Drake could tell Rihanna was really into. Which pissed him of because his mind kept flashing into his mind. Every touch, kiss and moan that Riri let out he imagined Nicki in her place.
Why are showing up know??? Nicki just leave me alone!! You broke it off with me remember??? Off some bullshit story you heard from one of friends??? You didn’t even let me explain!! Just get out my head ONIKA MARAJ !!!!!!!!!!
He felted like his head had just exploded. He mind flashed every memory him and Nicki up to this point. He couldn’t take this  touture. He had to get out of this house. He needed to breath and clear his thoughts of this bad air.  This fucked up situation had to go away. He then broke his off kiss with Rihanna. He scooted away from her and just stood. 
” What’s wrong baby ?” , she said rubbing his back. She tried to kiss his neck but he moved out of her reach. He pushed her away gently. He wasn’t trying to hurt her feelings. He really did want to be with her not like. With all this shit on his chest. 
” Babe, I’m just not feeling it tonight” , he said calmly.
Rihanna face began morph into glare. In her mind she knew Drake was thinking about someone else. And she had only one person in mind. Her thoughts began race. Her blood began to boil.
How fucking dare he say those things to me??? Am I not good enough for him now??? Did that one fucking photoshoot change everything between us??? That one damn photoshoot with fucking hoey Nicki Minaj and now he doesn’t want me!!!!! To HELL with her Drake is money forever whether he likes it or not!!!!!!!!!!!!
She spoke through gritted teeth. ” Do you not want me anymore Aubrey??? Is that it??? HUhhh ANSWER MEEEE !!!”, she screamed. ” Aubrey what does she have that I don’t have ???? Tell me right FUCKING NOW AUBREY GRAHAM !?!?!? Is She prettier than me ??? More Sexy?!?! What is Drake ?!?!” , she belted.
Drake was shocked and frightened at Rihanna’s sudden outburst. He tried to smooth things over. He walked over to her put his hands on her shoulders to control her trembles. 
” Look baby there is nothing going on between me and Nicki” , he said lying to himself. She nudged out of his grip. She hated when he tried to smooth shit over like it’s nothing. 
” Bullshit Drake Bulllll-shittted” , yelling towards the bathroom.
Before she closed the door behind her she spat out words of hatred. ” If you wanna be with that bitch go head. I don’t give two Fucks about you or her at this point.” She slammed the door after her hoping Drake would come and say something reassuring. 
Drake just sighed and got up and grabbed his coat. He starting walking down the stairs. Rihanna listening to him walking down the stairs. She couldn’t stand to see him leave. He loved he was just confused. She opened the bathroom and ran after him. 
“Drakkkkeee Please baby don’t go I am so sorry”, She said descending the stairs crying.
He was just about to open and the door and leave until he felt two hands wrap around his chest. Warm tears dampened his coat. He turned to pull her off of him. He was about to speak but she spoke first. 
” Babbby I am sorry …. just so so so sorry how I reacted up there. Please Please can you ever forgive me baby?? Aubrey please just say you forgive me”, she said through her whimpers.
At this point Drake really wanted to tell her the fuck off. But being the nice person that he his just reassured her. He pulled her into a hug and caressed her back. He spoke softly.
” I won’t say I forgive but I will say I accept the fact that you had the courage to face me after that”, he said sincerely. He kissed on the forehead and pulled away from her grasp. He gave her an endearing stare and began to walk out the door. She stood at the door and stared angrily as he got into his car. She was so pissed and angry she had to do something about this problem and fast. 
 I love youuu  drakeeee  !!!!!” , she screamed.
He just shook his head and started his car. He pulled out the drive way fast and quick. He felt relieve come over him as he drove away from that hell home. In his mind he really needed a drink and he knew just where to go.
* In the club TOUCH*
Nicki sat at the bar with a shot in hand. Her body was numb and still in shock from the events that went down that night. The memory of them together in her bed. Her body shuddered at the thought. She took her shot to the head and put her head against the cold and hard bar island. Nicki head popped up when she heard a familiar voice coming from everywhere. It was Drake ! He song Shot for me was beating out of every speaker in the club.  His soothing voice began to sing to her. 
 I can see it in your eyes, you’re angry
Regret got shit on what you’re feeling nowMad cause he ain’t like meOh you mad cause nobody ever did it like meAll the care I would take, all the love that we madeNow you’re trying to find somebody to replace what I gave to you
His words spoke the words of truth to her. She realized that she was trying to find someone to replace him. But in a sad reality no one could take his place. He would always be the man that would fit her right. She sighed heavily and began to vibe to Drake’s sultry voice. She soon began to sing with him. 
“ You must really like this song ” , someone said.
Nicki turned around to see a vision of sexiness before her. He stood 6”2 , a really light complexion . Big pink lips, and smile that could stop traffic. 
“What are you doing here”, she said in awe.

” Well damn I can’t come to the club Nicki”, he chuckled.
” Well Drake since I usually see you with Rihanna I don’t really recognize you being all alone and stuff”, she said in a girly voice.
” I ‘m solo for tonight and what about you where is Omarion huh?”
His name hit her like a tone of bricks. The thoughts began to rush back in her mind. She felt a tear escape her eye. Soon more followed. She didn’t want Drake to see her like this , a mess. She quickly wiped her tears away. 
” Me and uhh Omarion aren’t on good terms right now. I caught him having a ….a uh a affair”, her voice broke. Drake quickly pulled her into his arms. ” ohhh Nicki  you didn’t have to tell me all that.” He moved to a couch in vip and put Nicki on his lap. He stroked her face and rubbed her back . Her head sank into his warm chest. 
 ” Well to join you great news , me and rihanna aren’t speaking either”, he said trying to cheer her up.
” Ohh Drake what happened??”, she said concerned.
” Ohh uh nothing just a little fight thats all he” , he stammered.
” Drake you know I can tell when your lying right”, she smirked. ” Now what happened??”
He told her what happened after the shoot , but her left out some details. Only the ones that included her. Which made Nicki suspicious . She knew that it had something to do with her. She spoke calmly. ” Uh Drake are you sure it wasn’t about me and you being together today.” It was silent for a moment and then he spoke.
” It sort a kind of did”
” Sorta kind of how Drake”, she said in a serious tone. She really wanted to know . No scratch that she had to know. She waited patiently for his answer.
” Well to make a long story short Riri still thinks I have uhh feeling about you Nicki”, he said gazing in her eyes.
Her heart pounced. This was the moment of truth, she was finally going to tell him how she was feeling. All the dreams and late night arguments where going to end right here. She took Drake’s hand and led them to a privater area in the club. It was a cute little spot on the roof. She and him walked to the ledge of the building and stared at the city lights. 
” Look Drake I have something important to tell you ….. I been having thinking about this for a long time.” 
Drake knew what she was heading for and he did not like it.
Please Onika not right now!!
He spoke with a composed voice. ” Nicki please don’t do this to me  right now “.
But the words would not stop coming out , they needed to be heard.
” Drake I can’t stop thinking about. Actually I never stopped thinking about you. I was just trying to put somebody in your place. Which was so wrong because I ended up getting hurt”, tears streamed down her eyes. 
” Nicki please don’t just stop okay stop” , he pleaded.
But the words wouldn’t stop morphing out her mouth.
” Drake I II …. I need you hear with me . I can’t stand to see you with somebody else *sniff sniff*. Drake I I I…… I love you and I never did stop”
He couldn’t believe what she just said. He was flabbergasted about this shocking confession. 
” What did you just say”??
She looked him directly in the yes and spoke in a shaking voice.” I love you Aubrey”
He came to her and embraced her in a hug. He was so happy that her feeling where still there . He prayed for this day to come. He wasn’t just going to waste it just hugging her. He cupped her face and kissed her with so much passion her knees became weak. He broke of the kiss but still had her face in his hands. He spoke in a sweet voice. ” baby I love you and I never stop thinking about you for one second”. He hugged her tighter. She loved this . She soaked in the moment only knowing that the beautiful moment will only last until morning.
OHHH Finally there together but for how long ?? And what about Rihanna and her little plan???? stayed lock Next chapter is called Complicated… coming soon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Im confused when they had sex was this before or after they got together btw great chapter and rihanna is crazy post soon xoxo

  2. The sex part was actually what they did back when they first had become a couple

  3. So they was a couple before all this happend

  4. Yeah but things got in the way and broke them up . I am writing the interlude about that

  5. Ohhh okay thank you for answering my questions. :)