Friday, December 30, 2011

Shot for me preview !

Shot for me Preview !
Chapter 9 
Fan fiction enjoy.
After Nicki and Amber had their resourcefulness reunion and heart to heart they part ways. Amber went to catch up on some beauty sleep and Nicki to her damaged home. She drove in silence , her mind was still pondering about her realization for Drake.
Was I right to let him go?? Does he still have those feelings that I am feeling right now for him for me??? Does …does he still love me like I do him????
   A tear fell onto her cheek. She quickly tried to contain herself but she just fell apart. The tears began to overflow her eyelids.
Why did you do this to me ??? You promised me you’d never hurt me Aubrey?? And now when I need you the most I can’t be with you because your with somebody else??? Her that girl that I so mistakenly let you have! I loved you so much Aubrey! Words couldn’t even explain how much still I do ! 
At this time Nicki had reached her house. She tried to compose herself. She put on some concealer so he wouldn’t tell that she had been crying. She sighed and breathe in out. She readied her self for this worse. She began walking towards the door.
Nicki exhaled and unlocked the door. She walked into the house. She closed the door the door quietly. When she step in and undressed herself at the door she heard a faint sound coming from upstairs. She thought it was nothing but then she heard it again. She crept up stairs slowly and very cautious. She followed the noise which led to her bedroom. The door was cracked wide enough for her to  see two people having sex . The woman was moaning and there was Omarion at the bottom groaning like a pig. Nicki quickly moved away from the area and went to the nearest wall. She sank down to ground. She couldn’t believe he could do this to her. 
Not again …..
OMGGGEEEEEEEE How fucking dare Omarion do that to her PIg. Oh my poor Nicki you will get through this will some help from a friend ooops *spoilers. Sorry for the cliff hanger again barbs it just so fun to see you guys on edge jkidding haha! But anyways rest of the chapter will be up tonight and the second part of the interlude part 2 will be up soon too! -xo muah


  1. Good!!! i want her to be with drake anyways!!! post soon

  2. *stands up* that's it!!!! I den had enough !! I'm whooping Omarion ass for doing nicki like that , drake ass for not dropping Rihanna and running to nicki, and yo ass for making the chapter this short :)) Now who wanna go first?