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Pleasure and Pain Chapter 4 : young love a dricki love affair

Pleasure and Pain Chapter 4
Pleasure and Pain Chapter 4  Warning this chapter does a sex  scene ha
  Nicki walked into her home that looked like a bunny ranch : Ghetto edition. She quickly looked for the man responsible for this. She found him smashed between to girls like a damn smore ! She stood infront of him with crossed arms and a glare that could kill a nigga. The two girls took notice of Nicki first before Omarion even realized she was standing before him. He quickly told the two girls to leave. After they left Omarion and Nicki just stood there and stared at each other. Sizing each other up to see who’ll crack first.
“Look baby I can uhh explain thisssssss….”, he said with slurred words. 
Nicki hated when Omarion was drunk its was so difficult to talk to him in this state.  
  ” Get to explaining Nigga!”, she said tapping her feet.
“See what haa-happen wazzz my homie doug called saying he wanted to chill and I was like cool. One thing lead to another and this shit just started to get poppin….”
His face began to from into a drunken smile. 
Nicki could barely compose herself . She wanted to slap that silly ass smile off his face. Keeping her cool she stormed out of the storm and went into her inner happy place. This place was a hidden room in her closet that only she knew about. It was a room big enough to move around in , plus it had a nice view of the Miami beach. The walls where decorated with black and pink polka dots. The carpet was pink was pink and black that said “It’s Barbie Bitch”. She sat Indian style on the floor and meditated for awhile.
*In the Car*
“Please tell me your not talking about Nicki , Rihanna. “
“Well Drake she was the only girl in the mutherfuckn studio besides me. So who else could I be talking about?”
“Baby there is nothing going on between me and Nicki , okay trust me”.
He tipped her chin up with his thumb , making her look into his eyes. 
” Baby i understand your hurt , that shit back there will never. I only have eyes for you and only you. Nobody will ever stand beside me beside you. I was just caught up in the moment, I promise that’ll never happen again. “
A slow smile crept on her face. 
” You really mean that baby ?” 
“Of course baby, i promise I do”. 
He pulled her face into his so it was so close that their noses where touching.
 ” Rihanna, I love you and only you”
He kissed her ever so softly. She parted her lips exposing her tongue which crept into Drake’s mouth entwining with his tongue. His hands began to run up her exposed thighs. She part them  and his fingers hiked up her skirt finally reaching her black lace thong. He began to rub her hot spot. When he felt her wetness he pulled her onto his lap. She could feel his erection through his pants. Which made her more wet . She quickly unbuckled his belt pulling his pants down. He slowly started to rub against her twat. He pushed her panties to the side and entered her with a powerful. He body jerked with excitement. She began to move up and down on his lap. 
” Ohhh my gosh Aubrey!!!” 
She began to bounce and grinding faster on Drake’s lap. Her eyes began to roll to the back of her head. 
“Come on baby don’t tap out on me just yet” , he whispered in her ear.
Rihanna knew her climax as just a moments away. She rode until her legs to buckle and lock up. 
“Aubrey I’m about to ahhhhhhhhh!!!”
After a few more strokes Drake got his too. She laid her head on top of chest hearing his heart beat. She looked up and gazed into Drake’s hazel eyes.
” I love you so much Aubrey”
He hugged her tighter. 
” I love you to Rihanna”
“Please don’t ever leave me” 
” Baby I won’t ‘
“Promise will stay together forever??”
He gave her a adorable smile and kissed on her forehead. He then hugged her even tighter. 
“Please don’t every leave me boy “, she whispered to herself.

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