Sunday, December 11, 2011

Kodak Moment Drake / Rihanna POV Preview

Kodak Moment - Chapter 6 (drake/riri POV) preview
Okay for my darling Maria I am going to give you a preview of the next chapter !!! Okay preview is the middle of the chapter haha I ‘m still working on it so hopefully the full thing will be up tomorrow or tonite?!?
*Back at Drake home*
“Um, I guess I have a photoshoot today with elle magazine”. he said
 ” Oh, well that sound like fun” , rihanna said.
“Yeah right, “, he said sarcastically.
“What’s wrong Drake” 
” Nothing …. It’s just I hate photoshoots. They always have me wearing a damn suit and being with some dumbass airhead model!” 
“Oh boy, it’s just a little photoshoot whats the worst thing that could happen??”
“OHH! It is not just a little photoshoot !” , he said mimicking her and her accent.
” Its a fucking 7 page spread and a interview !” , he said fustrated.
” Damn, okay … calm down Drake , I did not know all that” 
“yeah , well….”
Before he could say something his phone began to ring. It was his publicist. He picked up the phone quickly to avoid Rihanna’s glare.
“Hey drake, I’m just calling you to tell you we have a update on your photoshoot today with elle !”
“Oh”, he said sounding gloomy.
“Oh lighten up Drake I just wanted to tell you that Nicki will be added to your photoset to make things more festive”.
His eyes popped right out of his sockets after he heard that statement. His face concerned Rihanna so she asked ,” Are you alright… what happened ..Hello Aubrey answer me”. He put is hand up to stop her continuous questions. He quickly hopped out of bed and went to their bathroom. He closed the door behind him so Riri wouldn’t hear him.
“Um are you sure it has to be Nicki ?” , he asked concerned.
” Yes… why is there something going on between you too that’s going to make you uncomfortable at the shoot today”
” No no no, its just that ummmm…. never mind”
“Uh okay well see you today at 4 pm sharp … Oh and text Mrs. Minaj to tell she has a shoot today okay bye !”, she hung up quickly.
“ Well damn ! “
The thought of him and Nicki in a intimate photoshoot brought him shivers. *What the hell am I going to tell Rihanna? She was already pissed about the damn eye thing at the studio now this !!!!! I can’t lie to her….. right?*
Okay I am going to leave you with this little teaser :D … There will be more to this Promise !!!! - xo


  1. Yeahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! *Trey Songz Voice* loved the preview Hun ! Time 4 Drake To kick Rihanna to the curb ! It's about to go dowwwnnn ! Get yo man Nicki! Please post 2night !

  2. Please post again soon, your story is really good!