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Interlude part 1

Interlude Part 1
Fan fiction enjoy!
Drizzy ! Drizzy! Drizzy ! Nicki ! Nicki ! Nicki !
Nicki and Drake has just got done blazing the stage at one of their Atlanta shows. They sang I best I ever had, Up all night, and both of their bed Rock verses together. The walked off to stage left hand in hand, their bodies pumped off the crowd’s adrenaline. Drake picked Nicki up and spun her around . She giggled loudly.
” Stop Drake put me down I’m going getting dizzy”. He did just that. 
” You did good tonite Nicki ” , he said smiling. Nicki couldn’t help but grin ear to ear from his compliment. 
” You did good to boo”, she said beaming up at him.
” Well you know how I do it. The ladies just love me out there !” , he said in cocky tone.
” Oh oh so you wanna be on yo cocky shit tonite. Bring all the bitches back to the bus and shit”, she said playfully hitting him on the shoulder but still kind of hurt by his little comment. Drake could tell that he hurt her so he grabbed her by her waist and pulled her closer to him. Burying her head into his chest.
” You know I was just playing with you girl “, he said dearly.
” Mmmm yea right drake”, she muffled into his chest.
” No I’m serious Nicki , you know those other girls can’t compare to you”, he said pulling away so her could look at her directly in the eyes. 
” You know I only play with these young girls minds”. he grinned.
” Well I don’t wanna my heart to be played with Aubrey” 
” Baby you know that’s something I would never play with it” , he said softly. This made her heart melt. She loved how Drake could express his feeling towards her with out being shy. 
” You really mean that babe ???”. Drake hated that she had to ask him this after ever show they do. He just wanted her to trust him and be with him.
” I will always mean that baby, I promise you I do”, he said ever so sweetly in her ear.
This mad Nicki’s body quiver. She bent up to give him a kiss. Their lips locked and their tongues explored each other’s mouth. Their bodies started to react to each other. Drake pressed her up against the wall. Nicki wrapped her legs around his waist.
” Ohhh shit get that shit Drizzy “, someone said. 
Wayne stood there with a big ass grin on his face. Drake turned around and smirked at Lil Wayne. While Nicki feeling embarrassed buried her head in to Drake’s chest.
” What you doing looking back at me fo’ yo’ you betta get back to handle you business nigga hahaha!” , he said walking off. 
Drake just nodded and focused his attention back on his task at hand. He tried to get back into the groove of things but nicki wouldn’t budge. He tried to get nicki’s head off his chest <paus> but shouldn’t would not move. 
” Come on Nicki , you know you don’t have to be embarrassed about that what just happened.”
Still he got no response. So he began to walk with her straddled around him towards the tour bus. Once he got on and went into his room he unattached nicki and placed her on the bed. She took her jacket off and crawled to the top of the bed where she got under the covers. He closed the door and locked it. He went to go sit by her. 
” Nicki are you just going to ignore me the whole night huh ?”
She nodded no. In reality she didn’t really know why she was so strung out about what happened. It really wasn’t about Wayne catching them . It’s the  fact that it wayne but next time it could be the paps. And she didn’t have to time for the tabloids plastering her face on their magazines calling her a “industy hoe”  *cough cough Doll B* .
 ” Nicki babe, can you please talk to me ??”
She zoned back into reality. She looked into Drake’s hazel eyes and just stared at him.
I don’t know what I’ll do if i ever lose you <3 she thought
” I’m sorry for spazzing out like that earlier. I just didn’t want to be looked upon as the girl that everybody is getting some from *cough Doll B.*”
 Drake knew how she how she was feeling. He knew Nicki would hate to be objected to a “hoe” *Doll B**cough*. He would hate to be the one to cause her career to shatter. He took her hand and laced them with his. He took the top of her hand and kissed it. He gazed into her eyes.
” Nicki I understand if you don’t wanna be see with me in public for the sake of your image. Honestly  I would do anything to protect your honor and your pride. I love you to much not to”, he smiled.
This made Nicki’s heart jump out of place. Her stomach started to flood with butterflies. She loved that Drake was so considerate of her and her career. He understood her and she loved that about him. This really was the sweetest thing a man has ever said to her. Plus he said he loved her made her skin glow.
Could really be falling in love with man ???

A tear started to trickle down her cheek. Aubrey remove it with the tip of his thumb.
“Aubrey that’s the most sweetest and kindest thing a man has ever said to me. Baby I will never be ashamed to be seen with you in public. Drake it would be a honor to be on your side at all times and that’s because I love you to much not to too “, she said softly.
This made Drake’s heart pounce. His platinum smile began to spread across his face. He knew Nicki liked him but loved him made him want to shout to the roof top of the bus. He tried to compose himself.
” So you love me huh??”, he said wiggling his eyebrows.
This mad Nicki smile. She loved him and his goofy antics it made her day a whole like brighter. She knew Drake was the one for her and she already knew the answer to his question.
” Yes, I do love you Aubrey” , she said shyly. Her face began to turn rosy red. He moved closer so that her was sitting face to face with her.
” Good that our relationship doesn’t have to be one sided because Onika I am very much I love with you”, he said pecking her gently on the lips.
That one kiss sent a surge through her body. Nicki wanted needed more she wanted to feel drake everywhere on her inside and out. She deepened the kiss by collaring him up making him bump chest to chest with her. He began to move on top of her, making them fall fully onto the bed. His hands began to explore her curves. Her hips and her thighs and ass .
 Nicki legs began to spread. They began to snake around Drake’s waist . He grinded slowly on her womanhood. A small moaned escaped her lips. Drake broke from Nicki’s lips and moved to the crook of her neck. He traced small circles on her neck. Nicki move her hands to the top of his head. He began to suck on her neck leaving passion marks. He lips trailed down to her breast leaving little kisses in it’s path. Her skin was so soft and warm. He took her tank off of her and exposing her black lace bra. He moved down toward her bellybutton. He stopped and slide off her zebra printed leggings , showing more of her skin. When her pants hit the floor he went to work.
He tongue began to sweep over her lower abdomen. This drove Nicki crazy. ” Please baby don’t tease”, she whimpered.  He chuckled softly , he loved it when Nicki begged, but then again this is the first time nicki begged for him in this manner. He still couldn’t believe Nicki Minaj body was in his hands. He wasn’t about to disappoint her. 
He slide her soaked panties off with his tongue and his teeth. He began to kiss her other set of lips. He tongue part the folds. His tongue dipped into her sweet nectar. He tongue began to explore her inner thoughts and frustrations. He wanted to relieve Nicki of all her pain. He licked and sucked. He legs began to shake , she tried to run but Drake just tugged her back down. Her voice echoed through the room. ” OHHHHH my god Drake! Baby I think I’m about toooo awww!”, she moaned. But Drake wasn’t done yet he didn’t stop until her made her come 3 times.
Nicki felt she was in a euphoric en-dosed paradise. Drake was her ectasy drug and she was over dosed off of him. After he sucked her juices , he licked lips and his fingers. 
” You taste good baby”, he smirked.
He took of his shirt which showed off his fined abs. Nicki licked her lips. Next came the jeans. His briefs were the only thing that was left to go. Nicki crawled toward him and helped him out of his briefs. Nicki’s damn near fell out her head when she say what she was working with. He smiled at her surprised expression. He pushed her softly back on to the bed. He grabbed that Magnum XL  golden wrapper of the dresser and slide it on. He averted his eyes back to Nicki for confirmation. She whisper yes to. She spread her legs wide and Drake fill the empty spot in between her legs. He slide into her slowly. She was very tight. She jerked at that pain.
” You want me to stop” , he asked.
” No baby “
He began to move into a slow pace. She roped her hands around his neck. He wrapped her thighs tighter around her him. He did one hard thrust that made her legs buckle. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head. Her feet began to tighten around the sheets. He went faster and harder. His thrust sent tingles down her spine. Her cries of passion become audible even more.
” Ohhh My ohhh shit drake” , she belted.
He loved the sound her saying his name with so much passion. He slowed down he decided he wanted Nicki to feel everything. He went in deep so deep Nicki felt like her and him were one. He felt her soul and Nicki felt his. He pumped hard but slow. She loved the way he was moving inside of her. He could feel her juices pouring out. He felt he was swimming in a ocean. He knew Nicki was beginning to tap out. Her walls where getting tight. So he did one hard thrust which sent Nicki’s body into shock. Her hands dug into drake’s back as her climax hit her like a ton of bricks. 
” I love you so muchh ohhhhhhhhhhhh” , she screamed as she came down from heaven.
A couple more strokes and Drake had his. He laid in his hand into the crook of her neck. 
” I love you too”, he whispered ever so softly. 
They lay there cuddle up to each other. Embracing one another. At that moment Drake and Nicki felt like they where one being. They kept holding each other tighter because they didn’t want to slip away from each other. He kissed on top her forehead and rubbed her back. They knew morning was coming and so was sleep but for right now they just basked in each others love.
Shaazamm *raven voice* MMMM how you liking me know suckas hahah Told yall I had to feed yall addiction right. . Drake put it on yo girl Nicki before what?!?!? Yahhh get it drizzy. I.E. That sex scene took me forever in a day ha! But will this happy moment last who knows???? Stay tuned next chapter late today haha muah-xo


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