Friday, December 9, 2011

Kodak Moment

Kodak Moment - Chapter 5
 Ok okay I’m finally back yah !? This chapter took me forever lol but I pulled through. F.Y.E I know Drake did a ELLE interview , this is just one i made up but i did include his interview for elle ( -__- confusing I know)

ENJOY !!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Nicki awakes in a daze. She looks all around her to try and figure out where she was. She turns around to see the beautiful Brooklyn Bridge. *ohhh yeah I’m in my happy place duh !* She gets up and stretches her aching muscles. She walks over to her purse to get her phone out. She looked onto see that she had 40 missed calls, 120 unread text messages, and 19 voicemails. 
“Wow muthfuckas was blowing me up ” , she giggled quietly as she scrolled down her call log. 
She got 8 missed calls from O and 2 from SB. She decided to call Sb first since she didn’t want to talk to Omarion just yet. The phone only rang twice before before he answered. 
” Whats up Nicki nick, what’s up with you not answering yo damn phone girl”
 ”My bad boy , I just woke up , plus I probably couldn’t hear yo phone ring beacuse that damn party was fucking loud”
“What fucking party? How come I wasn’t invited? That’s kind of messed up Nicki not inviting yo bestfriend and all….”
“First off tone the attitude done please , thank you. Second off, it wasn’t my damn party to begin with. It was Omarion’s and his dumb ass friends. That shit was erking my nerves all night. “
“Damn he still could’ve invited a nigga , I mean shit ain’t we pose to be bro’s..”
Nicki clears her throat. 
” Oh I mean damn why so upset it was just a party Nicki ???”
 ” Well for one thing I was unaware of this little get together. Secondly I hate when he has dumb ass parties when we get into a fucking argument and always…”
Safaree cut her off before she could say another word. 
” Hold up #pauz what argument ? What was it about? Do I have to Curb a nigga or two????”
“Well damn! Can I please tell my side of the story before you go start hammering niggas off ” , she giggled. 
” Sorry Nicki, but you know I only want to her the most important shit. No offense. But what was he mad about huh huh ???”
  Nicki wasn’t really ready to tell anybody what went down between her and O. It was way too embarrassing for her to talk about. Plus Safaree ass is way to noisy and can run is mouth for days. 
“Hello Nicki !!! Earth to Onike?!!??!”
 ” Oh um it was about me um.. uh.. not spending enough time with him. And us not being closer ” , she said trying to sound convincing. 
“Ohhhh huh um …*clears throat*… Um maybe you should talk about this with Trina , Lauren , or Mama C about. “ 
This statement made Nicki erupt in laughter.
” Onika what the hell is so funny huh! Hello!”
“Ohh um it’s just so funny when you get all nervous and shit. “
“Yeah Yeah whatever, ohhhh shit I forgot to tell you. You have a photoshoot today at 4 p.m.”
Nicki looks at her phone clock. It was 2:55 pm. 
” Well damn Safaree you could’ve warned a girl earlier huh !!!!!!”
” Well excuse me for trying to listen to your problems. Haha ! See you in 45 minute peace. “
Nicki huffed she hated getting dressed in a hurry. She quickly walks out of the room and heads towards the bathroom. She runs the water for the shower and waits for it to get to the right temp. She gets out the shower and lotions up and begins brushing her teeth. As she was brushing her teeth she looks through her unread text messages.
She got two from sb saying the same thing he just told her.  She got six damn messages from O *rolls her eyes*. All saying the same stuff like  * baby where you at * , * I miss you so much right *, When you come back home the house will be spotless*  blah blah blah , she thought to herself. She quickly felt bad after think that . I mean he is trying to be better for her. * I bet drake never has to apologize to Rihanna* , she thought to herself. She text him back saying they’ll talk after she gets back from her photoshoot. The next to where from her mom saying to have a blessed day and that lambchop missed her. She texted her back sending her x’s and o’s and  lovely bible scripture. Trina texted her saying don’t forget to come to her ladies nite. *Thank gosh she did beacuse  I totally forgot*.
The last one was from Drake :) . She was kind of anxious and eager at the same time to open his message. He seemed to always know how to brighten up her day. His text read : Hey beautiful, don’t forget that we have a photoshoot today for ELLE - <3 Drake.
 * AWWWW! He called me beautiful… Oh hold up what does he mean me and him… Tha fuck … Dammit Safaree!!!!!!!!*
Now Nicki felt kind of nervous and anxious now. She didn’t know why , I mean her and drake did of a lot of photoshoots. So why was she so nervous now??? It’s just Drake anyway right??!? She dropped the thought and got dressed. She walked out the house in a black jump suit, pink pumps, and she had a pink and black bobbed wig on. She got into her pink bentley and peeled out. As she got closer to her destination her hands began to sweat and her stomach started to give out butterflies. The thought of her and drake kept creeping into her thoughts.
*This shit shouldn’t be happening. I can’t be feeling drake thats Rihanna’s man anyway. * Her thoughts bounced back to her to the dreams she’s been having.
His touch , his smile, his lips, and those eyes.   OMMMMGOOOSHHHH ! Those dreams I’ve been have been about DRAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OMGee she finally put that shit together. MMMM The story has just begun. WOnder whats going to happen at the photoshoot. OHHH yeah what will riri think of this little crush nicki has on drake………:) Chapter 6 coming in a few hours!!!!!


  1. "His touch, His smile, His lips and Those eyes" That part made me melt for some reason ! God I love Drake he's such a gentlemen ! Hahaha and she don't give 2 fucks bout Amarion and Drake don't give 4 fucks bout Riri (well he did :/) Lol ! But yeah Nicki u can't wait to see yo future husband ! and a few hours YAY can't wait !! #teamDRICKI ! Oh and P.S please make ur chapters longer !

  2. I know right hahaha! But Imma make my chapters longer promise <3 Chapter preview now !