Sunday, December 11, 2011

chapter 7 Elle photo shoot preview :)

Hehehe told I was going to be back sooon with another piece of this sweet story hahaha! Pauz# Anyways here it is!


*Ommgeeee I have been dreaming about him for that past 3 1/2 weeks !!!!*  

The thought of her and drake TOGETHER??? It brought shivers done her spine. Not the bad ones though the goods

*How could this happen??? I mean yeah me and drake getting closer even with Rihanna being around. Ohhh noooo Riri!! I can't do this to he... I can't just crush on drake like that.... Even though I knew him first and he had crush on my first... I mean yeah I am the one that got them together but still this feeling I have for I just can not shake. He is  so sweet and comforting. I mean he treats Rihanna like she's damn queen while.. Omarion can't even left a eye brow to see when I am hurting.

"Dammit Drake why do you have to be the perfect guy????", she screamed out loud . Forgetting she was driving she almost served into a mail truck. She stopped just before her bumper touched the car. Her ears where deafened by horners and angry new yorkers . She felt so embrassed , but now by the near accident. She felt so embrassed about falling in love with somebody that could've been her's along.


  1. Lol at Nicki going crazy ! Ahaaha and thanx barb for posting! I can't wait 4 chapter 7 ! I absolutly LOVE ur writing it's amazing ! Post soon ! <3

  2. omgeee thanks sweeety !!!!!!!I hopefully post tomorrow !

  3. Welcomee :) and lol I'll stop bothering u for making u write ! I want ur fingers to rest *pauz* ! And yeah hope u post tmrw ! <3

  4. Thanks for posting again, I can't wait to find out what happens at the photoshoot!