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chapter 7 Elle photo shoot preview :) Again

Chapter 7 Elle Photo shoot preview :D Again
HHAHA Guess whose back ( dr.dre voice) Pauz#…. Anywaysss This chapter is hopefully long enough for you guys ! I know people waiting so I’m here to stop you suffering :)
*Ommgeeee I have been dreaming about him for that past 3 1/2 weeks !!!!*   
The thought of her and drake TOGETHER??? It brought shivers done her spine. Not the bad ones though the goods  
*How could this happen??? I mean yeah me and drake getting closer even with Rihanna being around. Ohhh noooo Riri!! I can’t do this to he… I can’t just crush on drake like that…. Even though I knew him first and he had crush on my first… I mean yeah I am the one that got them together but still this feeling I have for I just can not shake. He is  so sweet and comforting. I mean he treats Rihanna like she’s damn queen while.. Omarion can’t even left a eye brow to see when I am hurting. 
“Dammit Drake why do you have to be the perfect guy????”, she screamed out loud . Forgetting she was driving she almost served into a mail truck. She stopped just before her bumper touched the car. Her ears where deafened by horners and angry new yorkers . She felt so embrassed , but now by the near accident. She felt so embrassed about falling in love with somebody that could’ve been her’s along. 
Nicki quickly collected herself. She took deep breathes and just sat there and tried to clear her mind of her crazy thoughts. Her focus where thrown off on the count of horns and angry new yorkers screaming at her. She totally forgot again that she was sitting in the middle of traffic. She hurried and put her car in gear headed towards her awkward moments ready to happen. Nicki finally reached the studio fifteen minutes late thanks her little incident early with traffic. She tried to calm her heart rate as she began to walk out side the parking lot towards the studio. Her hands that where once drying are know full of sweat. Then the butterflies began to flutter in her stomach. 
*I can not do this….. Yes you can Onika there is nothing to be afraid….. except a sexy  6 ft 2 man posing with you all day uhhhhhh<3………*  She took a deep breath and walked into the building. Nicki was ambushed by stylist , a make up team and the photographer.
” Ms. Minaj we need you go into make up and get dressed quickly , we need this shoot done by 9 p.m. sharp.”  She nodded and followed the stylist to a room that said her name in bold black letters. They zoomed through her make and start to prep to do her hair.  
” Ok Nicki we want you to have a natural appeal so where going to have to take the wig off okay” 
She huffed ” Okay that’s fine” .  Nicki really didn’t feel like showing her real hair but she agreed just so she could get this over with.  They took her wig and cap off and began to style her hair. They soon heard a knock on the door . The clothing stylist peeped her head into the door. “Is she almost ready for wardrobe ” , she said. “Yeah she almost is you can come in now” . She slowly walked in slowly in with racks of clothing that Nicki would be wearing to the shoot. Nicki glanced up from her phone to see a rack full of lingerie and tight couture dresses. She was fine with the dresses but the lingerie made her stomach do back flips. * You fucking kidding me right ??? I hope they was playing about all this damn lingerie!*  
” Um please excuse me for asking but um what’s up the all the sexy little victoria secret ???” furrowing her brow. 
 The woman looked up from a clothing rack. ” Oh uh the shoot is based on a sexy housewive ( you ) and drake being a powerful business man. The woman then picked up her first outfit to wear. It was a hot pink , lace victoria secret lingerie set.  Nicki eyes damn near fell out of her head . ” Umm .. can uh maybe wear on of the dresses first” , she asked kindly.  ” Sorry can’t do that sweety photographer’s rules.”  Her heart felt like it was going to fall out of her chest. * I bet drake doesn’t have to go through this torture.* signhhhhs
Drake Dressing Room 
Drake waited patiently in his dressing room. He wore a suave black Calvin Klein suit with a bow tie and everything. He was playing a mean game of tetris on his phone when his game was interrupted by a text message. It was from Rihanna -____-. It said ” You betta be on you best behavior for ma’ma and don’t think I don’t know what you are doing . I do have hidden pair of eyes watching your every move. - Riri <3
Drake shuttered at the thought of somebody watching him. His suspensions  were put on halt thanks to a knock at the door. A crew member from the set came through the door. ” Um Mr. Graham you are wanted on the set”  
” Okay” , he said getting up and following him out the door. Drake’s eyes scanned the set to see if he was getting weird looks or gazes. *Nothing* He approached the set to see that it was set up as a master bedroom in a pent house suite. His thoughts began to race . All possibilities of him and Nicki arrange in the bed was making him get a stiff. The director came up to Drake and told him to that Nicki was going to be out in a minute and that he could what on set. Drake went and sat on the edge of the king size bed and waited….
Nicki’s legs began to shake and her hands began to tighten around the arms of her chair as she waited for the stylist to do her finishing her touches. She finally finished Nicki hair. She then told her she needed to be on set in less than 5 minutes. * Damn can’t a girl get a minute to herself*  
She nodded and waited for her to gather her things and get out. Once she left Nicki flew up and went to the full size mirror. Nicki sized herself up and down in the mirror. She looked like a grown man’s wet dream. Her curves where bursting out everywhere and she turned around her ass swallowed the whole entire pink thong. She quickly grabbed the little jacket and through it over herself. She sighed and began to walk out the bedroom door. Nicki began to walk towards the set. Her knees felt so weak she could barely walk in her heels. Her heart pounced when she saw Drake sitting there on the bed. He looked so sexy in his suit .
Sooo sorry to cut it short but my dad’s dumb wanna use MY internet for  black ops … damn men and their game stations 

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