Friday, December 23, 2011

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Temptations preview again :D
Enjoy. fanfic.
Chapter 8 
Nicki was in a totally shock. Her mind was blown’ off its beautiful Drake high to this oiled up Omarion. She tried to hide her quizzical expression , but Omarion caught onto her clueless face quick before it disappeared. 
” I’m guessing yo ass didn’t answer yo text message now did you???”
She really didn’t feel like arguing so she lied to him. “ Of course I did baby I just ….uh didn’t expect to see all this”, she said raising up her arms showing him the decor job he did. 
His mug disappeared and his lazy smile appeared on his face. ” Well anything for my beautiful barbie doll. Yeah Nicki is used to people calling her barbie , but not O. He usually called her by her name or babycakes.
* SOOOOO when they hell did he start calling me that huh ?!?!?*
His voice broke her wondering mind.
” Well don’t just stand there come to me girl ” , he demanded. Nicki did not like the sound of his tone. She clenched her teeth and spoke with a scowl. ” Excuse me!”, she said with a attitude. Apparently he didn’t catch the tone of her voice or the glare in her eyes. 
” I said bring yo ass over here to daddy, you’ve been making me wait to long Nicki”
“Oh yell to the fucking nooooooo! Not with that messed up ass tone”, with that she stormed out the bedroom. She ran downstairs expecting him to chase after her. But I guess he didn’t care, all he did was scream from the room. ” Come on Nicki don’t be like….Onika Maraj do you hear me????”. The house went silent for a moment , but not for to long. “Okay alright be like that then ya dumb hoe… go fuck that nigga drizzy then !!!!!!!”
She couldn’t believe what she just heard. She wanted so badly to go up there and beat the shit out of his ass, but she didn’t. She did not need a lawsuit on her ass. So she held her breath and counted to ten. She picked up her coat , through on some leopard printed boots and left her broken home. She got in her black ranger rover and just started driving. She got her phone out and fiddled through her contacts. 
* Now who could I go see to comfort me ??????* 
*Back in the car*
Drake pull into his driveway to his condo. He turned of the engine to his benz and rested his head on the steering wheel. He tried to erase the thoughts of him and Nicki , but he just couldn’t  help it they kept coming into his minds like flashbacks. Her eyes , smile, lips, and body kept creeping into his mind. He sighed heavily and began to walk up the stairs towards the door. 
* I hope Rihanna didn’t really have anybody watching me* 
He put the his key in the lock and opened the door. He tried to put on his best bored expression so when Riri so him she wouldn’t think he was thinking about something …or someone else other than her.
” Hey baby I ‘m home “, he said with a monotone.
He looked to see Rihanna standing there clashing all red lace lingerie…. sorta what Nicki #pauzzz. He shook his head clear his thoughts of her and tried to focus on Riri. 
* Why am I thinking about her when I have my own tropical queen right here waiting for me………..but , yet I have this strong connections with Nicki that I can’t just ignore…. I just can not shake these feelings for her. But she made her mind she didn’t choose me the first time around …..but then again she did say she love me ….I wonder if her feelings have changed….Because mine ……….*
Sorry for the cliff hanger people I just really wanted yall on toes hahah! ( evil laugh) But anyways mmmmm I wonder how Drake feels about riri now after all he is question there relationship ??? What about Nicki will she ever put her childish ways aside and admit she loves him still ??? Going to make a interlude so guys can see what went down between nicki and drake way be when…. More coming soon !-xo


  1. :( It Was Getting To The Good Part Too. But Make it Longer Next Time. But Good cHAPTER.

  2. Thanks And I am don't worry there will be a interlude and everything :D

  3. The rest of chapter 8 is up and so is the preview for the interlude :D