Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Fan fiction Enjoy!
Nicki was in a totally shock. Her mind was blown’ off its beautiful Drake high to this oiled up Omarion. She tried to hide her quizzical expression , but Omarion caught onto her clueless face quick before it disappeared. 
” I’m guessing yo ass didn’t answer yo text message now did you???”
She really didn’t feel like arguing so she lied to him. “ Of course I did baby I just ….uh didn’t expect to see all this”, she said raising up her arms showing him the decor job he did. 
His mug disappeared and his lazy smile appeared on his face. ” Well anything for my beautiful barbie doll. Yeah Nicki is used to people calling her barbie , but not O. He usually called her by her name or babycakes.
* SOOOOO when they hell did he start calling me that huh ?!?!?*
His voice broke her wondering mind.
” Well don’t just stand there come to me girl ” , he demanded. Nicki did not like the sound of his tone. She clenched her teeth and spoke with a scowl. ” Excuse me!”, she said with a attitude. Apparently he didn’t catch the tone of her voice or the glare in her eyes. 
” I said bring yo ass over here to daddy, you’ve been making me wait to long Nicki”
“Oh yell to the fucking nooooooo! Not with that messed up ass tone”, with that she stormed out the bedroom. She ran downstairs expecting him to chase after her. But I guess he didn’t care, all he did was scream from the room. ” Come on Nicki don’t be like….Onika Maraj do you hear me????”. The house went silent for a moment , but not for to long. “Okay alright be like that then ya dumb hoe… go fuck that nigga drizzy then !!!!!!!”
She couldn’t believe what she just heard. She wanted so badly to go up there and beat the shit out of his ass, but she didn’t. She did not need a lawsuit on her ass. So she held her breath and counted to ten. She picked up her caught through on some leopard printed boots and left her broken home. She got in her black ranger rover and just started driving. She got her phone out and fiddled through her contacts. 
* Now who could I go see to comfort me ??????* 
 *Back in the car*
Drake pull into his driveway to his condo. He turned of the engine to his benz and rested his head on the steering wheel. He tried to erase the thoughts of him and Nicki , but he just couldn’t  help it they kept coming into his minds like flashbacks. Her eyes , smile, lips, and body kept creeping into his mind. He sighed heavily and began to walk up the stairs towards the door. 
* I hope Rihanna didn’t really have anybody watching me* 
 He put the his key in the lock and opened the door. He tried to put on his best bored expression so when Riri so him she wouldn’t think he was thinking about something …or someone else other than her.
” Hey baby I ‘m home “, he said with a monotone.
He looked to see Rihanna standing there clashing all red lace lingerie…. sorta what Nicki #pauzzz. He shook his head clear his thoughts of her and tried to focus on Riri. 
* Why am I thinking about her when I have my own tropical queen right here waiting for me………..but , yet I have this strong connections with Nicki that I can’t just ignore…. I just can not shake these feelings for her. But she made her mind she didn’t choose me the first time around …..but then again she did say she love me ….I wonder if her feelings have changed….Because mine ……….*
   * The drive*
Nicki scrolled down her call log to find that special person who could help her with anything. She knew this person could help her with anything. She found the number and pressed the call button. The phone began to ring. 
” Hello Honey”
” Hey amber boo I miss you “, she said excited. Nicki just had to call her bestfriend in the world Amber Rose. She always knew how to helo Nicki out of bad times or heartbreak besides her mom.
” So how is life treating you ?”
Amber giggled, ” Great how about you?”
” Uh…it uh going good I guess, she said sheepishly. Amber knew this tone of voice and she didn’t like it when her honey bee was upset or frustrated. She just knew something was up.
” Nicki what the fuck is up??”
Nicki knew with that serious tone she had to spill to Amber. 
” It’s just that Oma…..” , she couldn’t even get a word out before Amber started yelling.
” Oh hell naw not this shit again. I am shaking my head at you girl. Listen we are not about to talk about this problem while you sitting alone somewhere. I need to see your presence so bring ya butt over here!”
” Okay I on the way”
Amber condo was on the other side of town it was only about a hour drive. Nicki pullled up to Amber’ home. She walked up to the enormous building. She buzzed her room number.  
” Hey boo come on up”
The door buzzed and Nicki opened it and walked in. Amber room was was at the top of building so she had to take the elevator to the 15th floor.  While on the elevator Nicki ‘s phone began to vibrate in her purse. She took it out to see a text from Omarion.
* Look baby I’m really sorry for what I’ve said when you where here. Could you just please come back home so we can talk?” - O
” Boy please”, she ignored the text and dropped the phone back in her purse. The elevator finally hit Amb’s floor. She walked from the elevator to her door. She was about to knock but the door flew open.
” Barbie doll !”, she screamed throwing her arms over Nicki. 
” Cam-Amb bear !”, she said hugging her tighter.
After the joyful moment the pulled away from each other and walked in to the room. They plopped down on the couch. 
” Omgeeee Nickieeee I haven’t seen you in forever!”
” I know it’s been like what a year now?”
” Yeah and it’s said too cause’ we live like a hour away from each other and in the same freaking city!”
” I know but money never stops moving so I gotta keep where to money at “
” Anyways so what up with and Dick-head Omarion!”
Nicki giggled, ” I don’t know he just been a fuck jerk these past few months. I’m starting to get tired of the constant late night arguing and pissed parties…..he’s so fucking irritating !” , she huffed.
” Well atleast you can have make-up sex “, Amber joked.
Nicki gave her the side eye. ” Girl please that nigga hasn’t gotten any of this !”
” What!?!?! You have to kidding right…right”
Nicki shook her head silently.
” Naw every time he wanted some after a argument I was too ticked off  by him to even go near him”
” Damn girl yall sound like a married couple”
” Yea I know”
” You are so sexually deprived”
” UHHH what now???” ,she said confused.
” You’ve been stressed out because her not letting your physical frustrations out “
Nicki contemplated what Amber had just said. She thought to herself.
* So is that the real reason why I’m stressed out, why I’m always getting into arguments..Sex?? Is that answer cause’ I would’ve been on that. But then again why have I been dreaming of Drake. Why are these old feelings to starting to resurface after all this time???….*
Her thoughts we rudely interrupted.
” Nicki ….hello.wohoooo”, she said waving her hands in her face.
” Uh that still doesn’t explain the dreams I’ve been having” , she blurted out. * damn that wasn’t suppose to come out* She tried to cover it up by switching to a different subject. ” So yeah I just have sex right”, trying to sound convincing.
She gave her a silly expression.” Mmm yeah sure, but what about the dreams you’ve been having???”
Nicki pursed her lips and looked around the room trying to avoid Amb’s stare. She really didn’t want to tell Amb, it wasn’t like she was embarrassed or anything. She was just nervous about how her reaction was going to be. Amber had a anxious/eager face on waiting for Nicki to answer. She took a deep breath and just let it come out . 
” I’ve been dreaming of Drake for like the last three months”, she said shyly.
” OH” , was all she could say in a non eager voice.
Nicki was relieved  and surprised by her calm reaction. This kind of made Nicki mad.
” What do you mean OH???”
” Nicki girl sorry to tell you but you’ve dreaming of Drake since you met the boy”
Nicki was kind of hurt by the comment. ” No I have not”.” 
” Yeah you have , you my not remember because yo ass was sleeping talking in yo sleep.” She was confused and surprised by the comment. ” really?”
” yeah remember when I came to see you on tour “. She nodded. ” Well yeah it seemed like every time you and drizzy got to perform together, yo ass would always come on the bus just swooning over him. The  ya ass would pass out and end up calling his name out and *giggles* moaning haha!”
She was shook Nicki mind for a second. ” Okay <paus> I did what know???”
She rolled her eyes. ” You would moan the boy’s name like you was fuckin Nicki!”, she said bluntly.
Nicki mind drifted off to her own little world.
* Damn I’ve these dreams for this long….Why am I just remembering now??? Have I been burying these feelings for Drake this long…I mean yeah me and Drake were almost together  but things got in the way like our careers . or his case girls. But he told me that they’ll never be me. That nobody can replace me. We did say we loved each other … I said it and so did he. I wonder how he feels right now. He probably ain’t even thinking about me. He got Rihanna on his arm. That’s really hurting me to see him with her … I mean I still love…..
Tada the rest…. The interlude will be up tomorrow 


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