Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Interlude Preview

Interlude Preview
Fan fiction enjoy!
Drizzy ! Drizzy! Drizzy ! Nicki ! Nicki ! Nicki !
Nicki and Drake has just got done blazing the stage at one of their Atlanta shows. They sang I best I ever had, Up all night, and both of their bed Rock verses together. The walked off to stage left hand in hand, their bodies pumped off the crowd’s adrenaline. Drake picked Nicki up and spun her around . She giggled loudly.
” Stop Drake put me down I’m going getting dizzy”. He did just that. 
” You did good tonite Nicki ” , he said smiling. Nicki couldn’t help but grin ear to ear from his compliment. 
” You did good to boo”, she said beaming up at him.
” Well you know how I do it. The ladies just love me out there !” , he said in cocky tone.
” Oh oh so you wanna be on yo cocky shit tonite. Bring all the bitches back to the bus and shit”, she said playfully hitting him on the shoulder but still kind of hurt by his little comment. Drake could tell that he hurt her so he grabbed her by her waist and pulled her closer to him. Burying her head into his chest.
” You know I was just playing with you girl “, he said dearly.
” Mmmm yea right drake”, she muffled into his chest.
” No I’m serious Nicki , you know those other girls can’t compare to you”, he said pulling away so her could look at her directly in the eyes. 
” You know I only play with these young girls minds”. he grinned.
” Well I don’t wanna my heart to be played with Aubrey” 
” Baby you know that’s something I would never play with it” , he said softly. This made her heart melt. She loved how Drake could express his feeling towards her with out being shy. 
” You really mean that babe ???”. Drake hated that she had to ask him this after ever show they do. He just wanted her to trust him and be with him.
” I will always mean that baby, I promise you I do”, he said ever so sweetly in her ear.
This mad Nicki’s body quiver. She bent up to give him a kiss. Their lips locked and their tongues explored each other’s mouth. Their bodies started to react to each other. Drake pressed her up against the wall. Nicki wrapped her legs around his waist.
” Ohhh shit get that shit Drizzy “, someone said. 
The rest will be up in a few hours. I’m going to try to feed every one’s fix and make it extra long. But right now Imma have to leave yall with this piece right here LOL. S/O to @diditonembarbie for helping with the tour stuff thanks mama love ya ! More coming sooonnnn !


  1. Drickiiiiiiiiiii. I LOVE IT. Keep it up.

  2. Nice chapter... they might be gettin togather.. oh there's this new story its gonna be good check it our... just copy and past this link and it will take you to the story..http://ilovenicki-sb.blogspot.com/

  3. Get they shit lmao!!! Omg!! Like you really need to update!! I loved it! Nicki and drake need to stop frontin and get together and Rihanna ass just need to go!!!! Lmaoo she need to goooooooo with her stalkin ass!! LmaO but like I said I loved it and it wAs real good!!! - bails bitch
    #TeamMUTHAFUCKINDricki :))