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Chapter 11
As soon as the door closed Nicki led Drake to the bed. She playfully pushed him onto the bed and climbed on top of him. She hovered her face over his. She took in every detail of his face. She bent down and pressed her forehead to his. She parted his lips open with her tongue. They dove into a deep kiss. Her hands trickled down to his cargo shorts. She fiddled with his zipper.
” Nicki ba- *kiss* by stop *tongue* it”. But she wouldn’t wouldn’t she was too hungry for Drake. 
” Onika baby stop it now” , he said serious tone.
She stopped what she was doing and looked at him. She could see the seriousness in his eyes. She took the hint and climbed off him and moved to the further side of the bed. She curled into a little ball. Drake sat and looked towards Nicki. She laid there in the opposite direction of him. He could see the discomfort in her body.
 He crawled over to her and picked her up in his arms. She tried to wiggle he way out of his clutches but her attempts prevailed. So she kept her face turned from him. He cupped her face and made her look directly into his eyes. They had worry and sadness in them. She couldn’t help but caress his face with her free hand. 
” Nicki you know I love you and I respect you right right”, he questioned her.
” Yes, I do” , she said softly.
” Good because the reason that I stopped you was because , baby honestly I didn’t want you to regret anything that could have happened.”
 ” But baby I wou…”
” Yeah I know that your going to say your not but baby I could tell. When you kissed me I could taste the nervousness”, he stroked her cheek.
” Baby I don’t wanna look like like I pressured you or anything”.
Nicki bent up to kiss him on the cheek. ” Thank you so much Drake”, she smiled.
” Anything for you baby”
  They kissed for only a second before Drake’s blackberry started to ring. The caller was none other than Rihanna. 
Nicki hopped off of drake and walked towards the bathroom.
” I’ll give you two a moment to talk”, she winked. He gave her a funny expression.
He was still trying to make a decision on answering her call or not. He decided he had to or else she would stalk the shit out of his phone. 
” hey wassup?”
” Just wondering what my boo is doing”.
” So where are you??”.
” Are you by yourself ??” 
” Where you did you go last night???”
She filled his ears with idiotic questions here and there. She finally stop when he didn’t respond. ” Hello Aubrey are you still there??”
“yes”, he said calmly. ” I was just waiting for you to stop talking”.
” Well I’m done so go head”, she said with a attitude.
He sighed , ” Yes, I am alone and yeah I’m at the studio. Oh yeah I went to J.Cole house yesterday”.
” Oh okay uh well when are coming home then because I want you to help me with my album”, she said trying to convince him. He breath in angrily. He hated when she tried to lie to get him. 
” I’ ll be there in about 30 minutes okay?”
” Okay Love you Aubrey”, she said cheery.
” Love you too” , he hung up quick.
Nicki walked out he bathroom in new outfit. She wore black pumps, leopard leggings, a white tank and a studded biker jacket. Her hair was up in a sloppy bun.
” Mmmmm you looking nice where you going ?” , he said flexing his eye brows.
She strutted herself over to purse. ” I’m going to the studio to do so more work on my up coming album.”
” Oh yeah how is that going for you”.
” Good I just need one of Hip Hop’s leading men to a do a track for me” , she fluttered her lashes at him.
” Oh well wayne is out in Miami so I don’t how yo ass gonna get him up here “, he joked.
” hahaha very funny Drake”.
” I’m kidding boo what song do you want me to do?”
” It’s a surprise I’ll give you the details in a few weeks okay?”
” Kay that sounds good”.
Just then Nicki’s phone began to ring. It was SB. ” SB I am on my way now okay”.
” Here ya ass up girl !”
“Alright bye “
” Well I have to go before Sb kills me so .. I guess I’ll see you whenever?”
He caught her before she even walked out the door. ” Hold up are you still going to be here tonight?”
” I really don’t know why?”
” Well I was wondering if you wanted to stay at my other crib in Manhattan instead of here”.
Her faced beamed with excitement. ” Oh my goodness yes Drake!”
He pecked her cheek, ” Good Cause’ I already got the key here for you”
” Damn you already had the key”.
” Expect the Unexpected” , he winked.
” Boy stop , before you make me late for this studio session”, she kissed him on the cheeks.
” Okay well tell Sb I said wassup “.
” kay baby I love you “.
” Love you too”. He smiled watching her leave.
When she left he began cleaning up the room for her. He finished and grabbed his keys and walked out the door. As he walked to the elevator he figured he should send Nicki’s things to his other place. He called a friend to come pick her things. About the time he gave the directions and ordered some more things to be sent of to his other place he was in the lobby of the hotel. He walked out and jumped into his car. 
He drove home in silence. He was thinking about what was going to happen when he step a foot into his house. I hope nothing happens . Twenty minutes later he arrived home. Rihanna was peeking out the window from the upstairs.
 When he opened the door he there she stood before him eager and giddy. 
 ” Baby I miss you so much”, giving him a big hug.
” I miss you too” , some where in his mind he really did.
” So whatchu work on huh?”
” Oh just a song with the weekend”
” I though you where by yourself ” , she arched her brow.
” I was he sent a track to me from Toronto” , which was true.
” Oh okay”, she gave him a suspicious look. He tried to change the subject.
” What you been doing all day while I was gone?”
” Oh just waiting for my hard working man to come home”, she said taking off his jacket. ” Oh well thanks baby”
“No Prob”. She grew closer to him. She stood on her tippy toes and kissed him softly. When they kissed it was strange it felt like nothing anymore.
Drake felt his pocket vibrate. He seized the kiss and took his phone out of his pocket. It was 40. He answered quickly. ” Wassup bro”
” Aye I need you to come to the studio ASAP!”, he exclaimed.
He let out of breath of relief. ” Sure man I’ll be there”.
He grabbed his coat from off the chair and began to walk towards the door. 
Rihanna followed after to him. ” Why are leaving so soon baby you just got here “, she grabbed his arm. ” Baby it’s a emergency I have to go okay I’ll be back soon”
She let his arm fall from free from her hands. He could hear a small whimper coming from behind him. He turned around and give her a big hug. ” Baby I promise you I’ll be back as soon as I get done okay?”
She nodded and lifted her head up to him with a smile. He smiled back and then continued to leave. She watched the man of her dreams exit the building.
She hated to watch him leave . It was like he took a part of her with him every time he left. She walked around the house in a mopey kind of way. What is there to do when he is not around? She decided to get her back to her plan she hatched a few nights ago. She began making phone calls to numerous people. She felt overwhelmed with power.
Onika Maraj you picked the wrong boy to steal !
Roman in Moscow verse 1
*studio session*
Nicki was in the studio recording one of her new songs from her new album titled : Pink Friday : Roman Reloaded. The song she was spiting fire for was called Roman in Moscow. She was blazing the booth until her phone began to vibrate in her pocket. She frowned at the screen. It was Omarion * Huh the fuck he want* 
She decided to pickup just to see what his dumb ass had to say. Even though he doesn’t know she came home that night. ” What?!?”, she said with a attitude.
” Baby can you please come home and talk to me to me please?” , he begged.
” Oh you want me to talk to you huh.. how about you go talk to that bitch you was fucking lasting night muthafucka!”, she hung up the phone.
*bye Nigga*
Nicki heard Sb tapping on the window. She took off her head phones and walked out the booth. ” Wassup ?”
” Wassup ?!? The fuck you mean what was that shit all about in the booth huh??”
Nicki stood silent. She hated when Safaree become over dramatic. ” Onika answer me”.
This made Nicki jump. ” okay okay, I caught Omarion cheating on me alright”, she huffed.
” He what!!! That nigga is a fucking dead man!”, he grabbed his coat from off the couch. ” Safaree stopit ! You are not going anywhere near him “, she screamed. 
” Girl you must me be crazy  if you think I ain’t about to break this nigga neck for doing what he did to you”, he said in a protective voice.
” Oh safaree  that’s so sweet of you but, I don’t feel like bailing yo ass out of jail kay”, she smiled. 
He steadied his breathing, ” His ass is so lucky… His ass is about to come up off that house though like right now”. 
” Yeah I know but I don’t know how to get his ass up out of my house?”.
” Oh you can leave that to me Nicki I got this” , he said with a devilish smile. He started to rub his hands together. She gave him a side eye stare. 
” Safaree don’t do anything stupid you here me sb”, she ordered.
” Yes mama “, giving her a sweet but sinister smile. 
” yeah okay whatever boy”.
” Well let’s get back to this track so I can hurry up and leave kay”.
” Oh what’s the rusgh , you got big plans with Drizzy or something”, he chuckled. 
” Get ya ass to werkin Sb”.
* At drake’s session*
Drake was doing his final touches on his album called Take Care which would drop on November 15. As they where finishing the final touches on the tracks Rihanna burst throught the doors. ” Hey babyeee”.
Drake gave her a crazy look but got up and gave her a hug. ” Umm what’s up baby what are you doing here?”.
” Oh so I can’t stop by and give my boyfriend lunch”, she said with a attitude pointing to the white container. ” Oh no baby thanks !”, he kissed her on the cheek and grabbed the container. He sat down and began to eat the island style lunch.  Rihanna stared at him as he ate, which made Drake uncomfortable. He cleared his throat.” It’s delicious babe um thanks so much”.
” Anytime pumpkin”, she bent down and kissed him back on the cheek. ” Well my job is done I’ll see you at the house , bye”, she left in a hurry.
” That was strange as fuck man” , forty said.
” Yea I know fucking just weird”.
They both decided to speed up the pace and get this shit done before any more surprise come through the door.
* At the Condo* 
Nicki parked her car in front of Drake’s lavish home. It was heavily guarded by a silver gate. * fancy now are we drake *giggles*
She typed the 4 digit code on the gate door. The door opened slowly, she walked in a strutted herself to the door. She grabbed the brass key out and unlocked the door. She turned on the lights to see the most beautiful she’d ever seen in her life! Everything was fully furnished with beautiful decor. 
She toured the whole house and her final stop was the master bedroom.
 The bed was huge  and was stocked with her luggage and many other gifts. She opened the gifts in awe. He brought her a boat load of sexy lingerie  , a one of kind Alexander McQueen Dress, and pair of heart shaped earrings. 
In the last gifts she found a note that read.  Fit for a queen 
Inside the box was a diamond encrusted necklace that match her earrings.  
” Oh Aubrey” , she clutched the note to her chest. She quickly put away her things and hopped in the shower. 
Drake crepted into his other home. He undressed himself at the door and walked up to the master bedroom. When he walked in his room was lightly dim and sweet vanilla candles burned everywhere in the room.  Nicki was drapped on the bed in a sexy black and gold lingerie. She said nothing as he entered. She just got up and walked over to him until she stood right in front of him. He slide his down her arms and clasped his hands with her’s. She stood on her tippy toes and brushed her lips delicately on his. He turned her around and kissed the crook of he neck. Her body shiver from his touch. He hands lightly removed her silky attire. Her breast bounced when her topped dropped. He felt her up still leaving tender kisses on her neck. He tongue ran along her spine until her hit her panties. 
He untied the little bows that held them together. He let her panties free fall.  He kissed her round ass. He tongue slipped in between them. He soon began to eat her from the back. He didn’t stop til the cum came. He licked his lips and fingers. He swooped her up in his arms and laid her on the bed and spread-ed her legs like butter. He tongue he spot while she played in his curly hair. He loved the way she tasted. It was like the sweetest nectar from a queen hive.
He continued to eat her. He wanted his tongue to touch her heart. Her walls began to tighten and her climax was soon to come. She belted his name as her climax came. She breathed heavily she as she came down. He could feel her body to relax , and he didn’t want that. He got up and stripped his self into his birthday suit. He grabbed the condom and climbed back into bed. He scooped her legs up and put them around his neck. He tore the condom open and put it on. He licked from ankle to the end of her thigh. Her heart began to beat faster. He fixated himself. He slowly stuck it in her. She was really tight her could tell as her hands gripped the sheets. Her body jerked from the pain but was quickly over shadowed by pleasure. He moved in and out of her slowly hitting all of her walls. She furrowed her brow and bite her lip. Her arms wrapped around his neck making him go deeper in her. Her body spazzed from the plunge. He gave out deep strokes.
Her toes began to curl. He dipped his mouth down to her ear and began to sing to her. 
I can tell that moneys got you working
We’ve been talking for so long
Now we’re finally here in person
I taste pain and regret, In your sweat
You’ve been waiting for me, Oh-ho
I can tell that you been practicing
I can tell that you been practicing
All those other men were practice, they were practice
Yeah, For me, for me, for me, for me
This made Nicki’s body smelt. He could feel her get wetter. The sheets where getting soaked as her pushed further inside of her. 
” Who you been practicing for ” , he smacked her ass. She loved the way he was so demanding.
” Who”, he smacked it again.
” You ” ,she yelled in pleasure.
He smiled in envy. ” Who was you practicing for baby?” , he pulled her hair.
” You daddy”, she cooed.
His pace got faster . Her legs began to quake from how deep and strong his thrust where.  Her body was in bliss. Every inch he went in her body ached for his affection. Her body was addicted to his touch. He was like a drug that she wanted to over dose on. A tear fell from her face. She couldn’t contain the joy she felt with him in her, with her, she just loved him.
He loved the her love faces she was making. He loved the way she bite her lip and scratched his back as he went in deeper. Her orgasm was coming quick he could feel it. He slowed his pace hitting he G- spot.
” Ohhhhhhhhh Aubreyyyy”, he smiled he loved the way she cried his name. The way she said it made him go crazy. His face traveled back done to her ear and he sang again. 
I can tell that moneys got you working
Got your body so wet 
Now we’re finally here in person
I taste pain and regret, In your sweat
You’ve been waiting for me, Oh-ho
I can tell that you been practicing
I can tell that you been practicing
All those other men were practice, they were practice
Yeah, For me, for me, for me, for me
He was on his final stroke. He wanted this one to count . He gripped her thighs and sent a earth shattering thrust in between her thighs, Her body was sent into shock. She cried his name out. ” Aubrreyyyyyyyyyy I love YOUUUUUUUU!”,
The scream boomed throughout the bedroom . He fell lightly on her chest. Resting his head on her breast. She stroked his face with her hands. He pulled from her hands and pulled her into a deep hug. He kissed all over her face. This made her giggle. Sleep cam and the fell asleep on cloud 9.
* at his other home*
Rihanna sat at the counter in the kitchen. Candles where lite and she wore a revealing dress. Her anger was like a  stain on her face. She scooted from the table and went over to the knives. She stabbed the beautiful cake she bought . It was a cake massacre after she was done. * Bitch you are dead !*

*wipes forehead* finally done ! Ohhhh Rihanna don’t hurt Nicki ! This story is just getting started tahah! Posting soon -xo I need atleast 5 comments on this my chapter now okay !


  1. Okay so first im glad u posted. Okay so on to the story, I wish safarre would have went and beat up omarion for breaking nicki's heart but she found drake but anyway i couldnt see the pictures of the house but its okay im sure its beautiful and their sex scene was good and i like how drake started singing to her. Rihanna is just messing up dricki relationship and bet she not hurt my nicki or imma hurt her. (and im not playin either.) Update soon xoxo

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