Sunday, January 8, 2012

Practice sneak peek 2

Preview 2
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Nicki hopped off of drake and walked towards the bathroom.
” I’ll give you two a moment to talk”, she winked. He gave her a funny expression.
He was still trying to make a decision on answering her call or not. He decided he had to or else she would stalk the shit out of his phone. 
” hey wassup?”
” Just wondering what my boo is doing”.
” So where are you??”.
” Are you by yourself ??” 
” Where you did you go last night???”
She filled his ears with idiotic questions here and there. She finally stop when he didn’t respond. ” Hello Aubrey are you still there??”
“yes”, he said calmly. ” I was just waiting for you to stop talking”.
” Well I’m done so go head”, she said with a attitude.
He sighed , ” Yes, I am alone and yeah I’m at the studio. Oh yeah I went to J.Cole house yesterday”.
” Oh okay uh well when are coming home then because I want you to help me with my album”, she said trying to convince him. He breath in angrily. He hated when she tried to lie to get him. 
” I’ ll be there in about 30 minutes okay?”
” Okay Love you Aubrey”, she said cheery.
” Love you too” , he hung up quick.
Nicki walked out he bathroom in new outfit. She wore black pumps, leopard leggings, a white tank and a studded biker jacket. Her hair was up in a sloppy bun.
” Mmmmm you looking nice where you going ?” , he said flexing his eye brows.
She strutted herself over to purse. ” I’m going to the studio to do so more work on my up coming album.”
” Oh yeah how is that going for you”.
” Good I just need one of Hip Hop’s leading men to a do a track for me” , she fluttered her lashes at him.
” Oh well wayne is out in Miami so I don’t how yo ass gonna get him up here “, he joked.
” hahaha very funny Drake”.
” I’m kidding boo what song do you want me to do?”
” It’s a surprise I’ll give you the details in a few weeks okay?”
” Kay that sounds good”.
Just then Nicki’s phone began to ring. It was SB. ” SB I am on my way now okay”.
” Here ya ass up girl !”
“Alright bye “
” Well I have to go before Sb kills me so .. I guess I’ll see you whenever?”
He caught her before she even walked out the door. ” Hold up are you still going to be here tonight?”
” I really don’t know why?”
” Well I was wondering if you wanted to stay at my other crib in Manhattan instead of here”.
Her faced beamed with excitement. ” Oh my goodness yes Drake!”
He pecked her cheek, ” Good Cause’ I already got the key here for you”
” Damn you already had the key”.
” Expect the Unexpected” , he winked.
” Boy stop , before you make me late for this studio session”, she kissed him on the cheeks.
” Okay well tell Sb I said wassup “.
” kay baby I love you “.
” Love you too”. He smiled watching her leave.
When she left he began cleaning up the room for her. He finished and grabbed his keys and walked out the door. As he walked to the elevator he figured he should send Nicki’s things to his other place. He called a friend to come pick her things. About the time he gave the directions and ordered some more things to be sent of to his other place he was in the lobby of the hotel. He walked out and jumped into his car. 
He drove home in silence. He was thinking about what was going to happen when he step a foot into his house. I hope nothing happens . Twenty minutes later he arrived home. Rihanna was peeking out the window from the upstairs.
 When he opened the door he there she stood before him eager and giddy. 
 ” Baby I miss you so much”, giving him a big hug.
” I miss you too” , some where in his mind he really did.
” So whatchu work on huh?”
” Oh just a song with the weekend”
” I though you where by yourself ” , she arched her brow.
” I was he sent a track to me from Toronto” , which was true.
” Oh okay”, she gave him a suspicious look. He tried to change the subject.
” What you been doing all day while I was gone?”
” Oh just waiting for my hard working man to come home”, she said taking off his jacket. ” Oh well thanks baby”
“No Prob”. She grew closer to him. She stood on her tippy toes and kissed him softly. When they kissed it was strange it felt like nothing anymore.
Drake felt his pocket vibrate. He seized the kiss and took his phone out of his pocket. It was 40. He answered quickly. ” Wassup bro”
” Aye I need you to come to the studio ASAP!”, he exclaimed.
He let out of breath of relief. ” Sure man I’ll be there”.
He grabbed his coat from off the chair and began to walk towards the door. 
Rihanna followed after to him. ” Why are leaving so soon baby you just got here “, she grabbed his arm. ” Baby it’s a emergency I have to go okay I’ll be back soon”
She let his arm fall from free from her hands. He could hear a small whimper coming from behind him. He turned around and give her a big hug. ” Baby I promise you I’ll be back as soon as I get done okay?”
She nodded and lifted her head up to him with a smile. He smiled back and then continued to leave. She watched the man of her dreams exit the building.
She hated to watch him leave . It was like he took a part of her with him every time he left. She walked around the house in a mopey kind of way. What is there to do when he is not around? She decided to get her back to her plan she hatched a few nights ago. She began making phone calls to numerous people. She felt overwhelmed with power.
Onika Maraj you picked the wrong boy to steal !
Here you are my pretties I brought you more goodies to read. Ohhhh looks like riri is putting her plan in motion. And poor drake battling over his heart and his mind. Nicki girl you better carry some protection ya girl riri is coming for!!!!! More coming real soon -xo


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    Lol, I love the small little bits you're putting up. I'm going to need you to stop provoking our imaginations like this. I feel like Rihanna right now just getting LEFT. Leave me hanging like a testie...had to put that last bit I mean. Come on. It's a Nicki Minaj quote, lol.

  3. Lol i like the end of BgLove comment lol okay so i love nicki and drake relationship but this chick is in the way of thier relationship ughh she bet not do anything to my nicki anyway post soon xoxo

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