Thursday, January 5, 2012


Chapter 10 
Fan Fiction enjoy!
Nicki sat awake in bed in her hotel suite. She couldn’t face going home or bear to see Omarion’s face. But, besides that the images of her and Drake on the roof top flowed fresh in her mind. Her lips still felt the tingling feeling of his kiss that night. She wanted so badly for him to come back with her, but know he had to go home to her. He was probably cuddling with her. His big strong arms around her waist. While she sat alone  in this big empty suite. 
She hated the fact that they had to hide their relationship from everybody. She just wanted to be with him all the time, but things are also so complicated.  Nicki knew that Drake was the only person they could make her feel so beautiful. She could still remember those days when they where together. It seemed like it was just yesterday they where laid up on the tour bus , her on his lap with his arm wrapped securely around her waist. 
All those late night talks on the phone. That time when he sent me flowers. Or that time her brought me food and me being such a meany slamming the door in his face…..and he still called to check up on me ….Such a sweetheart. Oh yeah that night he bet me to take a shot for a hundred even though I didn’t even know what a shot was hahaha… Or the first night you claimed your love for me. But the night I remember the most was the first time we made love. Your where so gentle and affectionate. Noo no it was the first time we met and he told me to never change not even if they *media* wants you too. We bonded so quick after that. uhhhh I miss those days so much !
 A tear from her face. She hated feeling like this , so weak and vulnerable. She never felt this way about anyone or any man in this point her in whole life. This just drove her up the wall. Just then in that sudden moment her phone began to ring. She picked up to so that is was the one and only Drake. She quickly picked up the phone but soon regretted when she realize she had nothing cute to say.
*deep breathes* ” hey ” , she said softly. Her stomach began doing butterflies.
” Hey boo” , he said in the same manner as her. 
They soon sat that there in silence . They both where to caught up in the moment of them actually speaking to talk. Drake didn’t like this at all so he spoke up.
   ” Did you sleep good babe” , he said in a silky tone. Her body began to urn for him even more. 
She sighed heavily, ” No i had too much on my mind. YOU!!!!!! , but how about you?”
 ” I couldn’t sleep knowing that you hate sleeping alone ” , he said sweetly.
She giggled lightly she loved it when Drake said random sweet things to her. It just brought a smile to her face just like know. 
” I missed you to Love”
” Oh yeah how much you miss me” , he said seductively. She bite her lip, ” A lot daddy “.
He licked his lips , ” MMmMmmm I like the sound of that”
Their hot and heavy feelings where rudely disrupted by some knocks on the door.
 ” Shit hold up Drake” , huffing her way towards the door. 
He laughed , ” Don’t get mad Onika you never know who could be waiting at your door”.
” Well unless its you  I Don’t care about who this is !” , she said opening the door. 
There stood Drake before her in a casual outfit , just some khakis , jordans, and a black sweatshirt that said Take Care. He was cleaned shaved with a fresh fade. OMMYYYY GOODDDDDDDDD!
“ Maybe I should leave then leaving” , still taking to her through her phone. Her phone slipped out of her hand  as she through herself at him. 
” Drakke Baby what???? How?!?!,” she yelled in excitement.
” Shhh girl “, putting his finger on her lips. ” You don’t want the paps catching us know do you???” , arching his eye brow.
She shook her head no. He smiled and her replace the finger on her mouth with his lips. They kissed for what seemed like forever. He sucked on the bottom of her lip before pulling away. They both opened their eyes and realized they where still in the hallway of the hotel. 
” Umm I think we she move this to the bedroom , don’t you???”
Nicki said nothing , she just hoped from off of him and lead him to the bedroom. He closed the door quietly.
Sorry for the cliffhanger  and making it so but I wanted you to get a little taste of what I about to write about. Guess what ?! My interlude is going up next I hope I can put it up tonight *prays to the heavens* But the Next chapter is called Practice if you listen to Drake’s Take Care album I think what you know what I am about to type ^_^ haha …. xo


  1. Great chapter im glad u posted cause at first i thought u forgot about ur readers but anyway i felt sad for nicki wen she was missing drake and i have to say this is one of my favorite dricki stories but post soon xoxo

  2. Akjadlfiuerfjklfsf. I don't even know why I even comment. Serioulsy, there is no way to put into words how cute this was. I will admit. It took you soooooooooooo long to update that I almost got confused -side eye- (I'm being a hypocrite right now tbh) But once i remembered I was ALLLLLL OVER THIS. It was pure perfection like, ughh. Let me stop. OH! And you just had to tease us saying that the next chapter is Practice. I read that sentence and the words flew through my mind and I was like Oh loooooordddd. This is going to kill me, like. NICKI&DRAKE. I mean. Just, ugh. Let me stop. POST SOON! xD

    PS!!! I'm gonna need some tweets when you update FYI. I'm reserving my seat now!!!! xD