Saturday, January 7, 2012

Preview barbs!

Interlude part 2 Preview

Okay so here is the preview for the interlude part 2 enjoy!

Nicki woke up in a daze. She felt her head moving up and down. She looked up to see drake quietly sleeping. She forget that she had slept on his chest last night. He looked so cute sleep. She traced circles around his bare chest still picturing what had went down between them that faithful night. Her body shivered at the thought which woke Drake up.

He blinked a few times and looked around. He soon felt something heavy on his chest. He looked down to see a glowing Nicki staring at him. He gave her a charming smile.

” Good morning beautiful”, he said bending down to peck her on the temple.

” Good morning Love”, returning his kiss but on the lips.

 They pulled away slowly. They gazed in each others eyes. Drake’s eyes began to scan her body up and down. Nicki began to take notice of it. She guided her eyes to where Drake’s where which where under the covers. She looked to see that her and Drake where competely naked.
She nearly dove of the bed but Drake pulled in her back in.
 ” Drake let me go I have to put this something on”, she whined. But her pushing him away was nothing to him he simply had her in a tight grasp around the waist.

“No baby I love to see you bare and natural. It’s a beautiful thing “, he grinned taking another peek under the covers. She wrapped the sheets around her more tightly.

” You are such a freak you know that??”, she laughed.
” But that’s what you love about me”, he said licking his lips.
Nicki could see the fire in his eyes. OH yes he was ready for round 2.

” Don’t start boy my body is still sore from last night”, she rubbed her the lower part of her back. ” well baby I can help you fix that “, he smirked. His hands dipped under the sheets and met where her hand was. He slowly rubbed her lower back gently it was very soothing to her.
” awwweeeee” , she moaned. ” Drake baby pleassse dooon’t”, her voiced cried out in pleasure.

He could hear the begging in her voice. He knew that she needed him so badly. He was ready to give.
He hands began to move on to her thighs. They began to part her already exposed thighs. His fingers danced on top her womanhood. He stroked it until it become a puddle in the sheets. He took his two fingers and parted her folds. They dipped inside of her to take a swim. His fingers moved in and out. Her moans know began to bounce off the walls. ” Drakeeeeeeee”, she gasped.

Just as the pleasure started it had to end because there was a knock at the door.

Sorry about teasing you guys like this teheee !MMMM wonder who it could be hahah ! I will be the rest tomorrow for sure and I post the chapter called PRACTICE hahaha ! Toddles barbs -xo


  1. Omg why did u stop there and i wonder who could be at te door umm post soon xoxo

  2. Who the hell is at the door?? Like WUT TIP GUY?!?!?!?
    Post soon

  3. Whoever st the door is getting egged up by me !!! Lmao Please don't let it be Rihanna's hype ass because I just CAN'T with her CTFUU
    #TeamDon'tAnswerThatDamnDoor! Lol :))
    Please update :)