Friday, February 10, 2012

Sneak peek

Sneak peek !
Chapter 14
2 weeks has gone by and things between Nicki and Drake has become cold. With Rihanna tracking Nicki’s every move , she would be at every place they’d be at which made Nicki’s highly suspicious. Today was the day of Drake’s Album Release of Take Care. He was having a album release party tonight. Nicki was in her chair getting her hair done. She hasn’t talked to Drake all day. She decided to call him. He phone rung twice before someone answered. A familiar voice rang through the phone.
” Hello ,Onika”, she said in cold voice.
” Um.. hey is Drake there?”, she asked.
” Um let me check… NOPE!”
” Oh well could you just tell I said Congrats and I’ll seem him there”.
” Mmmkay… oh and Nicki?”
” Yeah”
” Stay away from Aubrey”
Nicki was shocked by her demand, ” Excuse me”?
” You heard me stay the fuck away from Aubrey or there will be some problems”. The line went died and Nicki sat there in shock of her harsh words. Nicki’s blood began to boil. ” Hey Terrence can you go a little faster with my hair?”
” Um sure honey”.
Ohhhh I’m give yall this little peek peek hahaha ! I’ll probably post later on tonight or tomorrow loves muah-XO

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