Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A lil sneak for yo' peek lol!

Chapter 15
Her body was tossed on the bed . She scrambled to the top of the bed trying to find some sort of safety. No such luck. She was alone done under where no one could her screams or cries. 
” Please …her voice shook with fear…don’t hur-“
They slapped her hard. Blood began to trickle down her lip. Her body was sent into shock. * Is this it am I going to die ….Here ???*
” Don’t speak unless spoken to”. She nodded her head weakly
” Now.. lets get down to business”. Her body went rigid. She clenched the sheets.
” I told you that you gonna regret the day you ever cross paths with me”, their voice was stern , sort of sinister.
She yelped” Ayyeee Can anybody Hear me !!!!!!!!!” Please please somebody help me “


  1. -_____________________________________________________-
    Sooooo i've stopped myself from hunting you down before, but now I'm serious.! Like I'm really about to die with anticipation. This better be a dream!! Lmfaoo.!!! :)

  2. What the actual fuck is going on?! No... u know i didnt like u for this lil tease, post the rest ASAP -___-


  3. wtf........................................?