Saturday, March 3, 2012

Can anybody hear me?

Can anybody Hear me?
Chapter 15
*I can’t believe he really didn’t believe me….Like really I knew you first and I trusted you with my heart…. *
Hot  tears began to form on her face once again. She hated that she was wasting her tears on somebody that didn’t even care enough to listen. She Was Walking To Her Car When Two People Came Up Behind Her And Grabed Her Arms. She Tried To Scream But They Put A Hand Over Her Mouth. And Sense The Party Wasn’t Over No One Could Hear Her. They Threw Her In A Car And Started To Drive. It Was Dark And She Couldn’t See? But She Heard Muffled Voices. Was That Omarion?” Nooo It sounded more feminine… a grown woman.
Rihanna Convo. 
” Do you have her ??”
” Yes Rihanna I have her but I’m not su-“
” Oh shut the fuck up with the whining and get her to the fucking building!”, she demanded. Rihanna then hung up the phone. She could feel a presence close by her. 
” Whose there?”
” I see you back to yo jealous and crazy ways Riri”, he spoke in hush tone. His voice was familiar very husk but sweet at the same time. 
” What are you doing here Omarion?”
” Can’t a man celebrate with his girl tonight?”
She smirked, ” From what I heard yall had some differences and Nicki had to leave yo sorry ass”, she laughed.
He chuckled but it was bitter sweet,” Well I heard yo nigga be with her now “, he matched her now disappearing smirk.
” You now I don’t think you where even on the guest list let me get security to escort you out”.
Before she started to walk off Omarion grabbed her by the waist and pushed them into a dark area.
” Oh so now you wanna get mad huh?”
” Well you started so I’m going to finish it.”
” Oh baby you ain’t gotta be like that “. He gripped on her thighs.
” Omarion please not here “. Her breathes came out heavy. 
” You know you missed me girl”. His hands began to slip in between her thighs. They began to hike up her dress. She stopped him right before he got her core. 
” Not her not now kay bew”, she kissed him lightly. He huffed, ” Okay later then”.
He started to walk off before Rihanna pulled him back towards her. 
” You know what you can do for me?”
He arched a eyebrow, ” What is that??”
At the building
Nicki was blind folded and forced out of the car. She stumbled almost falling in her heels, but the dragged her along. They finally came to a stop. She was escorted into the building. The air was thick and musty. She barely wanted to breath. They walked her up what seemed like a million stairs. Finally they hit another stop and she was pushed inside a room. 
Her body was tossed on the bed . She scrambled to the top of the bed trying to find some sort of safety. No such luck. She was alone done under where no one could her screams or cries. 
” Please …her voice shook with fear…don’t hur-“
They slapped her hard. Blood began to trickle down her lip. Her body was sent into shock. * Is this it am I going to die ….Here ???*
” Don’t speak unless spoken to”. She nodded her head weakly
” Now.. lets get down to business”. Her body went rigid. She clenched the sheets.
” I told you that you gonna regret the day you ever cross paths with me”, their voice was stern , sort of sinister.
She yelped” Ayyeee Can anybody Hear me !!!!!!!!!” Please please somebody help me “
She soon felt to hands crushing her wind pipes. ” I told you to shut up !”
Her vision began to blur and everything faded into black. 
At the party
 “I need you to go to this address.”
” And what is at this address ???”, he questioned her.
” Someone that you want to get revenge on”, she voice was cold. 
He had a shit eating grin on his face, ” Oh hell yeah … What is the room number??”
” It’s room 4312 way at the top of the building”.
” Alright I guess I’m gonna go now then”.
” Kay “, he pulled her into a deep kiss almost knocking the wind out of her.
” Bye boo see you soon”.
He disappeared out of sight. Rihanna sat there collecting her thoughts. She fixed her skirt and began to walk back towards the party. When she started to exit the area her body hit something hard. ” Tha Fuck”.
” There you are baby come you missing the cake part”. It was just Drake. He smiled down on her. She loved the way he looked at her. She knew she had one this war. She looped her arm around his waist and began to walk back to the party.
Back the Building
When Nicki woke up her body was sore. And her throat burned when she tried to speak. The blind fold was off now. The was very small only a bed which she laid on , a dresser, no windows, and a gun. Her body went rigid. She tried to get up but her legs where bound with rope and so where her arms. 
” Oh I see you’ve woken up”. She couldn’t believe who she was seeing.
” What the fuck are you doing here??”
” Baby I came to see and repay the favor for the home you kicked my out of.” He began to walk towards her. She tried to scoot away from his on coming body but it was a epic fail. ” So you wanna sneak around on me huh”, he slapped. His hit was hard and heavy. ” Ohh baby did I hurt you I’m so sorry”, he caressed her know swollen cheek. He began to kiss her face. But they where hard and rough. His hands traveled on her body. He squeezed her already bare thighs. She began to whimper. He stopped and her looked her in her eyes. 
“You can give that nigga Drake some but not me uh uh no I’m taking back what’s mine”.
” Please don’t”, her voice broke.
But he didn’t hear her. He was already taking the ropes off her legs. He spread them wide. He filled the space between her legs with his body. ” Omarion please don’t do this”, she cried. 
” To late”. He unbuckled his pants. Pushed down his boxers and put the condom on.  Nicki’s sobs where audible now. He entered her with force. Nicki screamed out in pain. She was so tight, which made him go in deep. He went in face pace it hurt her so bad . He finally stopped. He exited out of her. He pulled up his pants. He bent down and crushed his lips on her’s. 
” You the best I ever had”, he laughed. He exited the room. She pushed her self up with her now sore legs. She felt something wet brush past her feet. It was blood and it was a lot there. She look down at her area. to see her panties drenched in blood. Her walls finally fell. She began to cry uncontrollably. She stop immediately  when she heard the door open. 
” Well well Well Look what we have here”.
Please don’t kill me guys * hides behind computer screen* I know I’m late on updating but my brother was being an ass with my internet huh but anyways So for leaving you with another cliff hanger. LLS right now. The next chapter is call …………….  *drum rolls* ”I need a hero come and save me”
Until we meet again which is prolly tomorrow. Lol I’m on a writing roll !


  1. Ahhh,,, -.- dat was disturbing, but interesting,,, update soon haha it was a good chapter!!

  2. OH HELL FUCKING NO!!!!!! How dare they do that to my Onika! I'm about to beat Rihanna and Omarion's ass personally!!! Shsvsjscsjs -*throws phone* I can't deal.. And ima beat Drake's ass for not listening to her! Please post soon! Great chapter!

  3. Yo WTF its Rihanna cuz ass, then Omarion crazy ass was meesing wit the hole time... i cant even deal. OMFG i feel like crying for Nic, who doing this *reads on* YOOOOOO WTF thid nigga just raped her... HELL FUCKN NO, HIS BITCH ASS GOT GOT SHIT COING HIS WAY. As for Rihanna that bitch better go in hiding, and Drake dont know shit... he gon try to kill Riri onch he find out. Both Riri & Omarion gon die cuz they aint getting away wit that shit!
    Post ASAP, Oh and i no longer like u -_- until u fix this mess!