Sunday, March 11, 2012

I Need A hero Can you save me?

Chapter 16


When the woman walked into Nicki had no clue who she was. Which brought her more fear. She cowarded under the blood soak sheets.

" Oh baby don't hide from me behind them blankets", she yanked them off.

"Who are you ? ", Nicki stammered.

"Oh how rude of me...*chuckles* My name is Aaron ", she smiled devishly.

Nicki's expression was blank. She had no idea why this girl would do this to her. Her thoughts where running rapid. She began to feel light-headed. She touched her throbbing forehead.

" Can you please just tell me what I did to you please just tell me!!!", she begged.

She walked slowly over to her. She sat next to her. She leaned in closed to her face. " I am someone who is going to make your life a living hell bew", she smiled again.
Nicki felt her insides shattered. * What the hell did I do ??? Dear God why is this happening to me ??? What did I do to deserve this???*

Her thoughts where disrupted when she felt something cold hit her chest. She looked down to see a gun pointed at her heart. She began to whimper once more.
" Please I will give you anything you want...I won't tell I swear...Just please don't kill me", she cried out. Aarom rubbed the gun to Nicki's temple. She had a sinster smile on her face,

" You know what you can do for me", she asked. Nicki stared at her with wide eyes.

" Give me my damn life BACK", she screamed. *POW* A shot was blown.
Nicki heart almost leaped out of her chest. The ceiling particles fell down around her like snow. She really trembled now.

"I didn't want this life Nic....I really didn't", her voice was soft. It almost sounded it hurt. " I just wanted to have a good life and go to college. Become successful....but then she came along and turned my whole fucking world upside down!", she was now pacing across the small room. Nicki wanted to say something but she was afraid she might freak out and shoot. So she sat there silent with opened ears.

" Why I did this I don't....She threatens mee I I I can't say no to her", her body stopped and slide down to the floor. She started to cry. Through those broken tears Nic could actually see a young girl that was in trouble. She finally was calm and collect.

 Nicki began to speak," Aaron....* she looked at her with cold eyes*Nicki flinched...Who is doing this to you ???"

"Noooo I can't she will kill me". Nicki crawled off the bed and sat by her side. Nicki took her hands and looked her in the eyes. " I can help you just have to trust me", she said. Aaron looked in her eyes. She saw honesty but pity as well. She hated when people gave her those looks. It made her feel less of a person.

She pushed Nicki down and pointed the gun it right at her head. " Don't....Just don't I'm a lost cause ". She pointed her gun towards the bed. Nicki slowly moved back over to the bed. She sat back on the bed. While Aaron still paced again Nic tried to see if they kept her in the room. She saw it laying on the small wooden desk. Nicki had to take this opportunity.

 " Hey Aaron....I uh really have to go the bathroom ."

She gave her a glare. She walked over to Nic and yanked her by the arm. " I hope you wasn't thinking I was going to let you outta my site ?"

She shook her head no but in reality she was hoping she would. Nicki pushed herself off the bed and began to walk with Aaron out of the room. The opportunity struck her She stretched her hand out and grabbed her phone.

* Back at the party *

    Drake sat around his friends. He knew that it was a happy occasion but he still couldn't get Nicki off of his mind. He didn't wanted things to be like this again. He walked over to from the group and took out his phone and called her. He phone rang once ..twice.....

*The building*

    As the came waked into the bathroom Nic's phone began to ring . The Caller ID said : Drake . She looked at in a sigh of relief . She quickly went into the stall and answered. Thank goodness Aaron was waiting outside or should couldn't even answer the call.

" Hey baby look I'm sor-"

" Aubrey please just listen. I need you to come find me."

"What !??!? Nic I don't get what you are saying"

" Please Drake just come and find me ".

Drake thought she might've been tispy or something. He had no clue what she was talking about.

" Hey if you tipsy I'm call you later okay". Before she could even answer he hung up.

Nicki wanted to chuck the phone right out of the stall but she couldn't. She tried to call Sb, Am, and even Trina. But no answers. She sat there and thought for awhile. Her eyes came across a window. A big bright light bulb popped in her head. She crept out of the stall making no noise. She went to the sink and turned the water on. The sound of running water fill the bathroom. Nicki got on the sink and opened up the window. It was a very tight space. She probably could barely fit through.

   She shimmered her body through the tiny window. She was almost out until her ass decided to want to get stuck. She pushed her hands on the walls making her body squeeze through the tight fit. It finally pushed through. Her legs where last to go . She then heard the door to the rest room open.

" What the hell!?!?!?!" Aaron grabbed on to Nic's ankle trying to pull her back in.  Nicki kicked her in the nose. She felt her hand let go.She finally slipped her body through the hole. She fell 2 stories landing a heep of bushed. She could feel the cuts take form on her face and body. She got up weakly.
She walked to the nearest store and waited inside. The cashier was starstruck when she saw Nicki walked in the door. But she stayed clam and got her some blankets and a first aid kit. She called a taci to come and get her.

When the car arrive she walked quickly to the car. Before pulling off she saw a woman running towards the car. She screamed to the driver " DRIVE!!!!!!". He put the pedal to the medal. And they where off leaving Aaron in the dust. Nicki dipped her head low and sighed a sigh of release. She knew it wasn't over. She knew it was more to come.

 *Back at the gas station*

Aaron sat there in defeat. She hoped Rihanna wouldn't do to much harm to her. She pulled out her phone and called. Her fingers where shaking as she dialed. It only rang once before she was answered.

" Was the job done???"

"No", she said slowly.

" What the fuck happened", she yelled.

" She escaped I'm so so-"

"I'm going to deal with your ass later ", she hung the phone.

" Shitttt???", she stifled her tears.

* Rihanna POV*

" Fuckkkk ....Dammmitttt ", she huffed. " I guess I gotta handle this bitch on my own since dumb asses can't handle one simple task".

Drake could see anger in Rihanna's face. He touched her leg. " Hey baby what's wrong".

" Ohh ....uh nothing baby...I just found out I have a meeting tomorrow that's all".

" Oh kay, he pecked her on the lips and turned back to his celebration.

*Nicki's hotel room*

Nicki checked into the 4 seasons. Her Suite was beautiful and lavish. The first thing she did was running to the bathroom. To see the damage that was done to her face. She gasped at the sight. She had a gash on her forehead. She lip had a cut in it. And her neck and breast where covered in bite marks and love marks.

   She turned on the shower and to the hottest temperature. She take off her already torn dress. She threw her ratty looking wig away .She got in and scrubbed her body to the bare bone but the memories wouldn't go away. She cried softly to her self. Once she got out of the shower she put on a the shirt , panties and under that she bought at the store on. She dove into the big round king size bed. She sank into its satin sheets. Sleep took over her body. But not too long did her phone wake her up. It was a text message from an unknown number : YOU THINK THIS IS OVER BITCH WELL IT'S NOT !!!!!!!! YOU WILL DIE !!!!!

Nicki through her phone. She gripped the sheets and sat awake the whole night.

OKayyyyyyyyyyy here is the rest of the chapter bew bews I hoped you enjoyed. Next Chapter will be called Guarded ............Til next time XO


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