Saturday, March 17, 2012

Preview For you guys :D
Chapter 17 
    She fluttered her eyes open as the ray ban of the sun hit them. She had totally forgot that she was at a hotel. She she shrugged the covers off her body. The covers caught a snag half way down. She looked over to see a tall finger wrapped in her sheets. She pulled the sheets back slowly. His beautiful hazel fluttered open. 
” Good morning bae”, he said
” Drake what?!?! What are you doing here???”, she questioned him.
He vanished from behind her. He was know behind her kissing her neck. ” Drake”, her voice came out in a small squeak. ” You never answered my ques-“, her voiced trailed off. He laid her body on the bed . He shadowed over body. He kissed from her neck to her navel. She could feel his cool breath get short to her center. He inched her panties off with his tongue and teeth. He swiped his tongue once of her folds which gave her a minor spasm. He dipped his tongue inside her ocean. He began to devour her clit. She rested her hands on the top of his head. She pushed his head to make him go deeper. She moved her hips taking in all of his tongue.
   She could feel her temperature rise. She was about to cum until a cold wind knocked through the room. The whole room began to spin. Drake disappeared and she was all alone. “Drake”, she screamed. But her words where inaudible. The room went pitch back. She say something silver sparkling in the darkness. She heard a gun cock. Before she could even move. The bullet tore through the gun. 
She screamed so loudly. Blood was everywhere. She could soon see nothing….She started to see a light…She began to walk towards it.

  Nicki woke up in cold sweat. She looked all around suite. No sign of anyone coming in. She looked to the spot right next to her. ” No Drake”, she said to her self. She slide of the bed. Her body was still shook up from the dream so her legs where wobbling. She walked into the bathroom to relieve herself. When she tried to pull down her under wear there where none. She began to panic. She knew she had put some on yesterday. She finished using the bathroom and washed her hands. She walked towards the bed and lifted back the sheets. There was no sign off her panties anywhere.

 She looked under the bed. ” Nope”, she huffed. She went into the living room. She saw here under lying directly on the couch with a small note and rose right next to them.  The note read : I loved it when you screamed my name like that bew -Xo you secret love. 
She crushed the note in her hands. She was now in a full panic state. ” Who the hell could have gotten into my suite last night.  I told the damn attendance not to let anyone in here.”
She could feel her body getting overwhelmed with fear. She sank to the floor and laid her head back on the wall. ” Why is this happening to me”, she thought.
Full chapter hopefully in a few hours or later on tonight. 


  1. Oh plz put the chapter up I'm aching to see who it was,I really hope it's drake :/

  2. All ima say is I need it all!