Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Chapter 17
     Nicki was sitting in her living room watching re-runs of Judge Judy when she heard a faint knock at the door. “They hell is a my door “, she thought. She walked sluggishly to the door. She looked in the peep and hole. She held back a grasp. ” Why is he here ??”, she thought. She opened the door up slowly.
  Looking at his face brought back memories. She hated that. ” What do you want ?” she spat out harshly. ” Wow wassup with the attitude Nic”, he questioned. She rolled her eyes ” You should know”, she mumbled.
He sighed ,” Look I didn’t come over to get cursed out from something I had no control of!”
This made her body fume. * How dare he say that shit to me??? Like he was just so helpless in the situation*  ” You know what Drake just get the fuck out ok!”, she  said. ” Excuse Me”, he said questioning her domineer. “
” You heard me get the fuck out of my house NOW”, she said emphasizing her words. 
“No”, he stated.
She let out a angry sigh and bumped passed him to the door. She opened the door. ” Here is the exit so see your way out Drake”.
” Onika I’m not going anywhere”, he held his ground. She knew when he states her government he is not kidding around.
” Drake could you just please go”, she begged.
” Naw not until we talk about us Nic”.
She laughed bitterly, ” What us from what I am seeing your better off with Rihanna instead of me”.
He looked at her straight in the eyes. She hated when he did that shit. She felt so vulnerable , it was like he could see all her secrets. She was to dazed to notice that Drake had gotten closer. He was standing right in front of her now. His hazel eyes piercing her’s. He attempted to brush his hands on Nicki’ arm but she fell back a step. 
” Look Drake I’m tried of playing this game with you”, she said matching his gaze. I can’t be with anybody who doesn’t trust me or wants me only.
” Really Nic is this about me not coming for you last night?”
Nicki’s face fell flat. Those memories she tried to bury where coming up like vomit. Her screams , tears, and blood echoed through her head. Tears began to flood her eyes. Drake took notice. ” Oh Nic please don’t cry I didn’t mean too…”
She held up a hand. ” Don’t please just go Aubrey”, she asked. He sat there stiff as a board. ” What are you deaf just leave please”, her voice was on edge. But he still sat there like a tree stump. She regained a little bit on confidence and began pushing him towards the direction of the door. ” Aubrey JUST LEAVE PLEASE”, she tried pushing him closer to the door. But it was a fail. When her strength began to fade Drake took control. He wrapped his hands around her small frame. She tried to escape his grasp but he was too strong. ” Aubrey just go please”, she could hear the tears fill her voice. He stood there in that same position rubbing circles in her back. The feeling worked wonders on her body , but she couldn’t let him win. She clawed her way out of his grasp and started for her bed room. But not before Drake swept her of her feet and carried her to her room. He closed the door and locked it. 
This chapter is going to be very intense so buckle ya seat belts. Full chapter in a few hours our so loves- xo  


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